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Guys you wont believe this! I asked my mom to look at my local Walmart for the DDG pack and she called me. Soo when she told me what was there she said Ghouls Rule Abbey(she knows what Abey looks like) Im not kidding! she is hoing to some other places but as soon as she gets back I will post a picture!! (I wont lie to you guys)

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Here we go again...Think Cupid Sweet 1600 fiasco...Walmart Store exclusives bite. They will get one box in and then never again for months...

Ugghhh I hate the Walmart exclusives. The nearest Walmart to me has the smallest toy isle and hardly any Monster High dolls. But they have plenty of the Bratz knockoffs!!

Congrats to all who find Abbey!

There were several of the GR Abbey in both the Augusta Ga Walmart and the Thomson Ga Walmart. Both also had several of the DDG 3 Packs (At least 4), and Tons of each of the other 4 ghouls rule as well. I'm suprised these arent flying off the shelves. There are still people that are stupid enough to buy it from ebay lol.

i got ddg 3 pack and abbey gr 2day

I found GR Abbey today at walmart in So. Cal, riverside county. When I left there were still 3 on the shelf. Let me know if you want to know the specific store, dont want to help the scalpers out :)


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