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Old Monster High High School and the New Monster High High School

So how did the old Monster High school go from that design to it's new design of the school? What do you think?

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Looks like what to be expected. Lighthearted, brighter colors a more tuned down monster feels which of course defy the purpose of MH but again reboots have to happen. Every major toy line still out has had to do it to at some point. Now thats not to say that this could back fired on mattel.

Barbie Dream Castle!


I wonder if there will be an explanation as to why the school was changed.

Cutesy princess castle, yeah not that surprised.  I am shocked, however, that it is not pink!

it dose have some pink on it

Looks like the Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland.  I love the old school.  What a shame.

The old school was way better and a lot bigger too, for some reason this new school looks smaller, has it shrunk? is it a way of telling us there will be less students?


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