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I've found some old out of print dolls recently. They were Skull shores Ghoulia, basic Abbey, basic Rebecca, basic Venus, and the Cofin bean. I found Ghoulia at a Toys R us and the rest at Target. What have you guys found recently?

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I haven't seen anything that old but i have seen scaris dolls, 13 wishes, ghoul's alive clawdeen but that's about it as far as out of production stuff.

That's cool! I would have scooped up basic abbey!

I found a Basic Robecca at Bealls earlier this year.  

My grocery store gets basic Abbey, Robecca, Rochelle, and Venus on a fairly regular basis actually - or has in the past. It could stop at any time, I know.

One of my local Kohl's still has a School's Out Lagoona floating around.

A  Walmart near me still has a few of the Picture Day dolls, but they're shoved all the way in the back of the rows.

The toy store in my local mall has a few Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoona.

I have scooped up a very jacked-up Viperine at Justice,  Picture Day Abbey, Frankie, and Lagoona at Target, Scaris Frankie and Clawdeen at Wal-Mart, The Die-Ner at Wal-Mart, Coffin Bean everywhere I go, and, every once in a while, I find Dot Dead.

All my local Walmarts never restock and have new EAH but old MH... I had a 3 month period of no new dolls in Oklahoma City.

What state or Kohl's? I have been searching for School's Out!

Tara La Reine said:

One of my local Kohl's still has a School's Out Lagoona floating around.

I was at my local Target this passed week looking for Creepiteria(sp?) Cleo, and alone on the shelf I saw a  Ghouls Rule Clawdeen, her box was dusty and almost open. All I can think is that she got lost in the back so they just put her out when they found her.

My Target has 1 basic Abby and 1 basic Rochelle


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