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Oh my gosh...hurry- go grab Venus and Robecca now. Scalpers are raising their prices!

Get a load of this auction. My guess, since the seller is on the East Coast where I have not heard of sightings yet, is that he is just getting the auction up to be ready for his scalper run today.....


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No freakin' out here. I just thought it was amusing.

Alley Kat said:

That's what I was thinking.  How about instead of everyone freaking out, message the sender.  It happened with a Living Dead Doll once.  They wanted 130 something and accidentally put two extra zeros so it was 13,000.

SnowDragon said:

Maybe it was a type-o.  Maybe it was supposed to be $99.99...which is still expensive.  But hard to believe that is the serious asking price, especially now that the dolls are popping up in stores.

lol but it's still 8$ shipping  XD

I deleted my last response with the picture of the auction from March (I'm not versed on all the rules about posting other's info)  but here is the link:

It's clearly a typo.  The seller probably meant to put $99.99. *rolling eyes*

Everyone calm down, no one is buying these dolls for that much, some ebay auctions are just laughably stupid. Venus and Robecca will be EVERYWHERE in a few months, they are both shipping in multiples AND revision cases!

I sent them a message asking them if they were serious and wished them lots of luck.  Idiot!

It was just posted for amusement. No one needs to be calmed down. But it's not a typo. If you read through the comments, you will see that the same seller posted a Venus for the same amount in March, when he clearly did not have a doll, and responded to a query about it with the comment that it was intentional. He didn't expect anyone to bid. Apparently he was using the auction to gauge demand for the doll. Not sure how that works.

Definitely a typo, especially if he was using a program to list like eBay's Turbo Lister.  It's only takes one lil stroke to get that extra 9 in there.

That's what he said.

Kevin said:

It's only takes one lil stroke to get that extra 9 in there.


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