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Mattel: Celebrating those that wear their heart on their sleeves, the Wild Hearts Crew is a sisterhood of girls challenging everyone, everywhere to #DareToBeDifferent. Join the crew this July at @Walmart stores across the US! #WildHeartsCrew

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At the moment I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt but dang...those are very similar designs. Two of the dolls hairstyles are very close to Cori's and Jacy's. 

it's worth pointing out that Freshdolls are a TINY company and there's some evidence suggesting their wave 3 dolls were being designed in april 2018 (there's some "coming soon" shots from their collaberator on instagram from then). Tiny companies can't rush things out, it takes about a year to produce a doll line properly. Closer to 18 months for a small company without the contacts and existing factories etc. Big companies however, can RUSH out new stuff within a few months. Mattel is likely pulling exactly what they did with Barbie and the Rockers to counter Jem. Someone got wind of the new Fresh Squad and they decided to make their competition look bad by rushing out a store exclusive using reused molds and by the sounds of it, rather hasty slapdash QC to beat them to shelves. So when the Freshdolls DO hit stores, all the consumers will go "but those look just like Mattel's dolls, what copycats!" when really Mattel were the ones copying.

this is standard industry practice and something Mattel has done for decades and freely admitted to. Heck, they still think the Jem/Barbie and the Rockers thing is HILARIOUS and are so proud of themselves about it in interviews. They did exactly the same with those. Reused molds to save time and went straight in to get it out ASAP and beat Hasbro to the market.

But they aren't the only company to pull such stunts. It's what the big guys have been doing since early days. Spying on one another and them pre-empting them.

when Wild Hearts dropped many doll collectors who've been collecting for decades said "huh, wonder what's due out that's got Mattel nervous." because they FELT like a "hurry, gotta rush this to shelves!" preemptive strike. We've seen it so many times we've started to notice the pattern.

Now we know what it was. It wasn't anything MGA was cooking up like everyone assumed, no, apparently they view Fresh Dolls as valid competition which is actually quite interesting when you think about it.

A teensy tiny little company run by one woman and her small team is apparently actually intimidating enough to try to sabotage.

I think that's actually very interesting. Go Fresh dolls! Make Mattel SCARED.

I look forward to seeing these products that got Mattel so unnerved.

I was skeptical but when you think about it it’s probably true 

Ooh, that makes much more sense. And I absolutely love the idea that Mattel is intimidated by Fresh Dolls, because competition makes Mattel work harder and do better, but also it means Fresh Dolls has been proven as a legitimate success. A positive, new addition to the doll market is doing well and it's not from one of the big players? I have to applaud that. 

It's interesting isn't it? I suspect there's more to it than just "We don't like new dolls competing with barbie"

I can't think of a case where Mattel's put so much effort into toppling such a small company so hmmm.

It's super wierd.

Either they've become more scummy than usual (and the bar was already pretty low for mattel) or there's more at play here than just Fresh Dolls being a threat.

Still, I look forward to seeing the new Fresh Squad. Sadly they're really expensive to import to the UK. I have two that happened to turn up in a clearance store here but otherwise we just don't get them here and it's a massive pity as I kinda wanted a few of the boys. but with import they were gonna end up like £30 each and it hurt too bad.

I wish a UK company would get them in. Bah.

I have a fresh girl doll! the one with the microbraids.

I had bought a WHC doll but I returned her and the fashion I bought, I need to save money and shelf space and my family has been getting on my case that I need to scale my doll buying back. Although they are cute there are just other dolls I want to focus more on now. Im gonna try to stick to Disney and Barbie. Im kinda glad Im not into Hairdorables, Candylocks & LOL dolls and those super-expensive rainbow slime dolls whose name escapes me right now, that seem to be the current hot trend in dolls now.

reading this about Mattel's WHC  being a Fresh rip-off kind makes me feel better about having to return the doll, lol.

So is this line done? Cause I would think a second wave would have already been released 

I get the feeling it was a flash in the pan, get some quick sales sort of line never intended to be an actual franchise. Which is a shame because t hey were nice.


Well, as an early Christmas gift, I was allowed to buy a total of six WHC dolls from a major Wal*Mart selection (locally). I told the cashier about the $9.99 online price, so I was charged only $9.99 per doll, and I got one of each doll, plus one extra Cori.

I am now wondering if I chose the wrong Kenna, 'cause one of her irises is outlined in a different shade than the other. Weird. I swear that there's not one perfect example of any of these dolls, sooo....some, or all of these may become custom dolls yet.

In the check-out line, I had this weird bet going with the older man in front of me, because I was carrying six dolls....without a basket. He kept trying to let me go ahead of him / set the dolls down on another counter / set the dolls down inside of his basket, 'cause he kept claiming that I'd never be able to hang onto all of them....and so, just to be a show-off, and to prove that I could do the impossible, I made a deal with him: If I dropped even one doll, I'd buy everything that was inside of his cart! You can bet your booty that I won that bet, 'cause I knew that I didn't have enough money to pay for those groceries. LOL! He was a very friendly guy, though, and we wished each other a Merry Christmas as we parted.

I am trying to promise myself that I won't open even one WHC doll's box until I've made some post-Christmas progress in my room! Every one of the dolls is hidden from view right now, so that I won't be tempted to search for more hidden flaws before Christmas is over.

I just don't understand why Wal*Mart only stocks their shelves sufficiently during the freaking Holiday Rush! I, seven Honeymaren sets there, and sufficient numbers of every WHC doll....except for Cori! Sheesh, Wal*Mart! 

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


I am certain that I will never, ever again shop during The Holiday Rush! I mean, if I can't "Get 'er done!" for myself and others before December, then forget it! The stress is no longer worth it! I practically feel like crying....from the physical stress alone. I am experiencing so much leftover the following forms:

* Stressed fingers....from grabbing and holding a ton of boxes

* An overall feeling of exhaustion....from batting boxes out of the way on a super high shelf, trying to choose perfect dolls under a variety of light sources, and stressing about the entire process (I only accepted help a time or two, and that was only because I was receiving offers of assistance)

* Some chest pain from the physical, etc. stress

* Hunger, because I spent way too much time in Wal*Mart

I exhibited so much passion in that one doll isle that you'd think that I'd gone there to reenact The Revolutionary War, or something! I'm literally so freaking tired that I could almost cry, and I'm that girl who stupidly went and signed up for the Monster Dance Marathon Competition that's coming in February. JK about the dance competition  ;)  , but....I truly feel that exhausted right now.

The Million Dollar Question is this: Will these Wild Hearts Crew girls be worth all of that stress? I don't even want to know the answer to that.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


Okay, so I cheated! I removed the journals, so that I could read them early! LOL!

<Disappears into a shadow>

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


You are lucky. These dolls were never available in Europe. I would have loved to have one.

I think it is not good to be too picky about the defects. It ruins the pleasure to look for flaws too closely. These dolls are not BJD's. They are mass produced in factories where workers experience bad working conditions.

I buy a lot of second hand dolls. I can't be too picky. Some of them are perfect and some have flaws. I can see the flaws immediately. If I pay 50 pence for a doll, it is easy to accept the defects. It is more disappointing to find flaws in a new doll straight out of box.

I am hoping to find WHC in TK Maxx one of these days. We never know... I know... but who knows.


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