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Mattel: Celebrating those that wear their heart on their sleeves, the Wild Hearts Crew is a sisterhood of girls challenging everyone, everywhere to #DareToBeDifferent. Join the crew this July at @Walmart stores across the US! #WildHeartsCrew

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interesting, its like the more diverse punkier colorful haired gals from the Fashionista doll line but with larger heads and the more muscular SHG/WWE bodies.

I'm planning on getting these when they come out. 

Interesting! I am curious to see them in real life.

It is funny how dolls seem to all have the same kind of hobbies or jobs. Is the Dreamer a secret fashion designer?! ;-)

I like their heads, they look like OOAK DC superhero heads on barbie bodies to me lol.

Sounds like they're walmart US exclusives though, which SUCKS.

Well colour me impressed.

I'd practically given up on Mattel making a decent full-scale doll line. I like Enchantimals but they just aren't scratching that itch for a full-on, articulated play doll. 

These remind me of the older style Bratz and My Scene, with a pinch of classic Monster High. I love the bodies, the outfits are very appealing and they just feel...interesting. I hope that we get these in the UK (Asda, I'm counting on you to get these in, if these are Walmart exclusives in the US)

lol typical Mattel recycling everything!

Cori is really speaking to me... I hope they look good in real life

But I have to rant about lack of beautiful brown eyes in dolls. None of them have dark eyes!

also really hope we get fashion packs b/c finding shoes for this body type's huge size feet is always a PITA!

Wild hearts crew cori & Kenna in-depth review

They have an 80's vibe. They are cute enough. Cori has much better hair but I like them both. I really like kenna T-shirt. It is so cute.

Well, I think I will never find any doll line that will compare to MH.

I might adopt one or two depending on the price. I must see them in person first.

I really would like to know if Mattel is still using their evil glue...

they're ok. The YouTube review kinda turned me off a bit on them. Maybe I'll get just one.


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