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I'm not really crazy about the concept of a soical media doll line either but maybe they'll market them differently latter on.


Leave the lights on tonight, because....Muahaha!

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

I like the punky outfit.

I hope these dolls will be available in Europe. Most of all I hope wigs will be sold separately. I think they might fit Moxie Teenz with a bit of luck.

Maaaan, so turns out they  have a weird ball socket head joint which makes them utterly useless for rebodying as to get literally any other playline head on you'd have to mod the neck. Waaaay too much effort.

So there goes literally my ONLY reason for caring about these. *sigh*

To be honest, I won't be surprised if non US markets don't get these. Markets like the UK don't take as many risks because they can't afford to and with the pound as low as it is and things as uncertain coupled with how badly toy sales have slumped, toy stores really are just relying on the "sure fire" stuff they think they can sell.

I was in entertainer yesterday and they've stopped selling Fugglers already, half the store is various LOL stuff, they no longer have the Shopkin's polly pocket things, their selection of actual Polly Pocket is tiny and they don't have any equestria girls (that reboot failed hard huh?) or really many dolls at all. They had Boxy girls and good god they're fugly, like even worse irl I think. I couldn't warm to them.

Plus they're really expensive so screw that.

Point is, the stuff they DO have is either blind bag stuff or on massive clearance, there's very little new in (newest thing we saw was Cutitos which are another blind bag toy) and it's all rather lame.

Of course we aren't due a big restock till the end of the month but i'm not convinced there will be much in it. The past couple of years we've had less and less and less new toys, the argos catalogues doll section has shrunk from 5 or 6 pages to 1.. it doesn't bode well for new doll lines at all.

I think I would like to have one of these if they are reasonably priced (one only! lol). This one is cute. It is nice to see fashion packs. I hope they will also have wigs sold separately even if they are not the best quality. I am not especially interested in the green screen business... lol

already seen these at Walmart and Target. Not for me though some of the clothes is cute.

Snapstars have arrived in the UK!

Smyths seems to have done a deal with Yulu (the company that makes these) to sell these in the UK, so I went over and got some. Yuki and Dawn were instant loves, and Lola has grew on me so I got her too. £17.99 each and we also have the fashion packs. 

They each come with a really cool stand - it's jointed so it can move in all sorts of ways. The dolls themselves are really nice with good articulation (torso joints!). They almost remind me of the old Thunderbirds style marionettes.

Dawn and Yuki are the most polished out of the three, but I really love Lola too. She's got a nice design and her clothes are well-made. Her wig is a bit wild, but it's soft nylon and pretty workable. 

Overall I'm pretty impressed with these. I was expecting them to be okay but I'm loving these so far. I probably won't get the others because I don't care for their designs (and Echo has that hideous dress) but these three I would recommend. 

I've ordered 4 online Yuki, Izzy, Dawn and Lola but went to Smyths and bought the other 2, I said I wasn't gonna get them but Aspen Grew on me, I did a fashion pack for Echo but I'm not gonna sure if it's gonna suit after all, I was tempted by that white frilly lacey dress but wasn't sure that would work either so I went a bit more casual and got the onesie but I don't think it will look good now, the other choices weren't that great, the green dress is the same sort of fabric as the dress she is wearing and the silver one is too but if I can I'll try and grab more to see.


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