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These are cute.

I'm probably going to sound mean, but I find these dolls to be quite ugly.....

Hello, not a cat,

You don't sound mean at all. I wasn't necessarily thinking that they looked super ugly, but I was thinking something that was along the lines of, "Why waste good LIV / PMC2-style heads on tiny little, Bratz-style bodies? That's not appealing in the slightest!"

I'm now suddenly thinking that this line is even more bizarre than I had first thought it to be! These blasted dolls look like they were made from....<ahem>...."re-purposed" LIV heads and Bratz bodies! LOL! Why....just....why? Why, in the name of all that actually makes sense in this world would anyone actually do that?

Oh, and one more question: What's the target demographic? LOL!

Methinks that this is one doll line that might literally fall on its face, due to "vinyl mass imbalance issues"! LOL!

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Why are the bodies so small? It looks like they put Liv heads on Enchantimals bodies.

The first one is very nice though. 

their heads look like liv heads. EXACTLY like liv heads. Is this spinmaster?

Im not convinced about the shrivelled little bodies, the aesthetic only works if the head is a certain ratio, these just look rather like bad hybrids.

I kinda like the styling on a few but they'd need rebodying onto proper bodies to offset their wierd hobgoblin look.

the tiny bodies are so they can save money on fabric. All the toy companies are trying to cost cut on dolls b/c nobody wants to buy dolls over $12 anymore.

Hasbro has already switched to molded bodices on their new basic Disney princess line. Only have had the Disney license for 3 years and they are already pulling that crap!


I hate to sound preachy, but this was exactly why I kind of wished that the complaints about the Mattel-made Disney dolls hadn't been quite so loud. Instead of just not buying the Mattel-made Disney dolls, people complained, and then, we all got Hasbro! I was majorly disappointed when Mattel lost the Disney license, because the entire future of Disney dolls became uncertain from that moment onward.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not necessarily saying that leaving our money in our pockets would've convinced Mattel that they needed to step up their game.

I was so hoping that Hasbro would actually do the right thing, and step up the general corporate Disney doll game, but I wondered if they'd really do it, and....since things were running true to form within the doll world, they didn't.   :(

I know that we all have a right to complain, and that companies all have a right to buy and sell the rights to their goods, but the entire Mattel / Disney split occurred right in the middle of the "Frozen" phenomenon, and it just sort of put everything on shaky ground. Reasonable-looking Elsa doll faces switched to faces that didn't exactly look like Elsa's face anymore, and Anna and Kristoff went from looking halfway normal to looking like freaking fourth-graders! LOL! Remember Hasbro's early Disney days, circa 2016 (Which year actually saw the split between the two companies? I can't remember....)

Of course, I also wish that Mattel had been willing to put a large amount of distance between the quality of their regular dolls and the quality of the playline dolls that were intended for super, super young children, because once the Disney doll Quality Control / Cheapening Up issue at Mattel got out of hand, things just snowballed out of control, and now what have we got? Well, it looks to me like Kristoff, permanently wearing the same blasted molded pants that he was wearing when he was coming to us from Mattel! Not again, doll corporations! Not again! Seriously?

They do realize that I haven't bought a Disney doll from anywhere in ages, right?

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

wow they really do look like Liv, not so sure about the bodies, I will need to see them in person, hope they are not too small, there's too many small dolls right now. 

I like that they all have different facial features and like the aa noses and different eyebrows that's cool they thought it through.

I like both aa girls and the pink hair girl, the blonde is token and a lot like every blonde a line has to have with blue eyes and pink lips, but I like they included 2 aa girls and a pink haired tanned girl instead of the usual 1 blonde, 1 brunette/Latino 1 aa and 1 black hair/Asian which is the usual fashion doll line up so we got more diversity here which is good even though there is a blonde. 

We have a bit more info about them

they wear wigs (they even have the painted on hair underneath and a hole for the wig spike, so far so liv-like huh?) and their bodies are teensy omg.

Look at this!

I don't like the proportions at all, the head and body don't stylistically work to my eye, but the body is about Kuu kuu harijuku sized so could be useful for Hairdorables hybrids lol. The head and body just don't look like they were at all designed to go together and it bothers me though.

Still can't work out who the hell makes these. If it's Spinmaster than fairplay reusing their old doll heads with some tweaks, but if it's not Spinmaster then it's skirting a little too close to bootlegging for my tastes.

I REALLY want to see one alongside a Liv doll because maybe they don't look as alike as my memory of Livs is claiming? Maybe it's just a coincidence they have similarly sized inset eyes, a long blank head and similarly painted on hair and wig mechanism. Maybe it's all just a coincidence and not plagerism...

Or maybe it's all above board...

I dunno though...

I think they have different noses to Liv and their faces might be narrower? But daaaamn they're close. It's a bit 90s Sindy vs 90s Barbie.

Blank liv head btw, found on google. so yeah I think these are a bit different, different lips, nose, cheeks but still SUPER close like maaaan.

I'm not totally comfortable with the cloney nature of tese and the way their heads and bodies don't match makes me rather suspicious of the origin of the head sculpt.

I dunno.. maybe i'm just jaded and paranoid.

the clothing looks nice, but it's so small. I doubt anything else will fit them.

ahah they're made by the same company that makes Flipeez. those animal plush things that you flip inside out to make a different animal?



so that solves that mystery I guess. I wonder if Spin Master might be feeling a bit odd about seeing such a similar mechanic and face sculpt out there. I mean inset eyes and wigs aren't unique, but Moxie Teenz look nothing like Liv and had the same idea. These just look too much like Liv heads and the shrivelled body doesn't work for me.

I do however wonder if they'll have a nice range of skin tones for hairdorables hybrids ahem.

I like them. I don't think they look that much like Liv. Their faces are totally different.

It would be nice to see them in person. My favourite is the pink haired girl. I don't normally like pink that much!

Not sure I would buy one but they are strangely cute.

they remind me of like.. shibajuku to pullip. Like clearly inspired by.

least that's my feeling on the matter.

they have wigs so hair colour seems a rather moot point. But makes me wonder if that means we'll get playline wigs sold separate, that'd be nice.


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