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Polly Pocket is a toy line of dolls and accessories. The name comes from the fact that many of the original Polly Pocket dolls came in pocket-size cases. The Fashion Polly dolls sold by Mattel differ significantly from those originally sold by Bluebird Toys. The original Bluebird dolls were less than one inch tall and made of hard plastic. Mattel's versions are two to three inches tall and are composed of a pliable plastic with either rubberized or magnetic clothing.

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The new Polly Pocket product line will launch in June in the US to retailers nationwide

I wonder if it still hurts like hell when you step on 'em?

So they're going back to the older style playsets then? Interesting...

The figures still look like the newer ones but the concept of the playsets seems to be more inspired by the earlier sets. It's nice but I rather liked the more 'open' style playsets like the shopping mall and the roller coaster stuff. 

I like the drummer girl but I can't imagine buying any of these at this point. I'd have to see the outside packaging, character artwork, etc to get a better idea. 

Oh I like that they've gone back to her being POCKET SIZED and coming with little world playsets.

Makes much more sense.

Not so sure about the chunkier dolls but the teensy ones are very nostelgic aren't they? They look about twice the size of the original Polly but then, given modern safety standards, they probably had to be.

Nice to see a return to self contained little play sets.

makes sense for Polly to come back now with small toys being the in thing, it's nice to see her go back to how she was too. 


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