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OFFICIAL photos of Scaremester Jinafire, Clawdeen, and Catrine

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Matthew, thank you for posting the promo photo you can actually see the dolls and details. The German ones were not that great. Catrine is stunning and purely French as usual. I love that little bow on her tail and that they stuck to her color scheme. Clawdeen and Jinafire look amazing too. This is going to be a very expensive end of year!

I'll definitely be getting Catrine from this line. She looks so pretty and French!! (Of course I know she is) I love it!! Jina also looks really pretty. 

I'm sorry, but I really don't like this Clawdeen. I think she looks awful with short hair, and green/purple just makes it look worse. It's an eyesore.

I saw all the NYCC shots and the promo photo is shot at a different angle so you can see the handbags better, Jinafire's ponytail and what the diaries look like. Also, the NYCC are one of the prototypes of the dolls, you look at the promo photo Clawdeen's hair actually looks shorter. Either way it does not matter what photo you look at, because there can be slight or even major changes once the doll does come out. The Cleo I love shoes hair was not even cut the same way, the color of the shoes were different and she and Draculaura was down one pair of shoes. Sometimes a design that they come up with for the prototype cannot be mass produced for a number of reasons.

I don't think they showed the New Scaremester at SDCC, since we were still debating if New Scaremester and Art Class were one line or two up until the listings that were found on Amazon Canada with the descriptions of each doll. Triumvirate, your are correct, we know the basic look and whatever ends up in the final box on a store shelf, that will be the dolls we get.

Triumvirate said:

If these New Scaremester reveals had come from SDCC back in June, and the dolls shown were six months or more in advance of their release to the market, I'd say there may still be changes to what we will actually buy. But New Scaremester should be out by the end of the year, which means the dolls shown at NYCC are most likely final products, not prototypes. 

Anyway, it wouldn't matter to me whether I was buying the shorter-haired looking gelled Clawdeen from the stock photo or the slightly longer-haired looking ungelled Clawdeen from NYCC. It's still the same basic effect and still looks great to me. 

The New Scaremester dolls at NYCC were, as far as I could tell, final production dolls and not prototypes.  They definitely had factory screened faces and not hand-painted ones.

For the best prototype/factory doll comparison from SDCC to NYCC, look closely at large closeups of Slo-Mo's doll.  SDCC's was hand-painted (and from some angles you could tell his body was a hand-painted Heath body with a new head), while the one at NYCC was factory paint.

I'm excited to see them and their box art when they do come out. Of the new Clawdeens I think this is my favorite one this year.

Even though there are no fingerless gloves this time, I can still see several nods/takes on French designers. Specifically Chanel/Karl Lagerfeld. Mostly focused on Catrine for both of her dolls. Which does make sense, though I don't think we still know that much about her. The bio on MH does not give enough info about her character and I wonder now that she has a second doll that we will see her in webisodes that focus on her.

 I cropped the three together. :P

Jinafire is gorgeous!!!!

Loving the fact that Catrine has long hair! How cute!

Just unboxed my Catrine. She is PURRRRRRfect :-) She is better in person. The shoes, the bag, the shrug... She is GOREgeous. For those wondering, the bow on her tail is plastic and removable :-) CUTE!!! 

Awesome!! I cant wait till she shows up in stores!! X3

Pam Eargle said:

Just unboxed my Catrine. She is PURRRRRRfect :-) She is better in person. The shoes, the bag, the shrug... She is GOREgeous. For those wondering, the bow on her tail is plastic and removable :-) CUTE!!! 


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