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looks like equestria girls are getting revamped.


Thanks for starting this thread!

And I have some news for you...

Darn, you beat me to it! But still, these dolls are pretty cute and nicer than the last ones. And I'm so glad they done away with those stupid hair tails. That Sunset Shimmer is calling my name, I swear...

they have cute faces, they kinda make me think of those mh customs lol.

the bodies look like the same hollow crappy plastic though. Boo.

Hmm, rebodied onto old MH? <_/p>

I like that they all have personality on their faces with the quirked brows and stuff.

Applejack looks super sassy.

I wish they'd give them better bodies though. KNEE joints guys, so the dolls can SIT DOWN IN CHAIRS.

Applejack looks like she's ready to lasso someone. I love it.

I definitely would have appreciated knee joints - a lot of my dolls sit on the edges of my shelves so it helps if they can bend their knees, as it gives more room for the dolls with stands to go behind them. 

cute, I like the clothes!

OMG I am so getting these I am super excited, these are a step up, I thought the lines was toast man, shame about the legs though but it's a step up.

Unique Look at 2016 Equestria Girls Prototypes

Back in 2016 these prototypes were created of Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy. They were larger than the other dolls, had articulation and glass eyes (much like the Glitter & Style seaponies). However, as the story goes these were never taken in production in their original design. Twilight Sparkle even got as far as her own placeholder packaging, which has some Lorem Ipsum text, as well as a more comic-styled design.

wow those deluxe dolls are pretty. Such a shame they didn't make them.

wow yeah, the look almost collecatble, like Pulips fused with star darlings, if only this was a side adult line.

UK peeps, Tesco is getting in the new Equestria Girls dolls. 

I got Sunset Shimmer and reviewed her on my Flickr, but in short I think she's great. I definitely think she could have done with knee articulation, but other than that I'm really happy with this doll. Her hair feels nice, a little dry at the ends but definitely the better type of nylon. I love her face as well - it's very expressive and the face paint is just about impeccable. 

I'm considering getting Applejack or Rainbow Dash next. I might even go for Rarity. Either way it's a yes from me.

I'm a total nerd when it comes to MLP. I couldn't resist posting the new Applejack stranger thing upside down pony. Although it's not a doll but it's awesome, it's has hair like a doll and you can brush it. :)

^I saw this at Target! I dont watch Stranger Things but I have gotten a few of the reissued classic ponies(Im obsessed!) and Im tempted to buy this one just b/c I love the darker blue colors!

I also have 2 of the old Equestria dolls and 4 of the new ones. I like them though I wish their heads weren't so flat. I wish they had the clothes of those prototypes, so pretty!


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