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Is anyone in canada looking to trade? I'm looking for the 2 packs and haunt the casbah

Niagara has: GNO, PD2, Cleo pack for 13 wishes, Bloodgood, Music Festival and haunt the casbah

we have the oasis playset and frankie, draculaura, clawdeen for hunt the casbah,

Spectra said:

Haunt The Casbah is in Canada? Seriously? You guys mean the playset with Spectra?

Just fishing for opinions on the new Ever After High lineup...?

I've already had to draw the line with the Monster High dolls. This is going too far! @-@

Dead tired dolls and Abbeys Bed and The Vanity have hit Toronto, Ontario Canada!!!!!!!!!!

At Toys Toys Toys?
monsterhghfan said:

Dead tired dolls and Abbeys Bed and The Vanity have hit Toronto, Ontario Canada!!!!!!!!!!

I can get Abby's bed, vanity,ect. In states if anyone needs one.

Toys Toys Toys in Square One is closing.

when is the last day? Do you know

Spectra,if you go up to the pictures of 13w Frankie and Draculaura, they do indeed say both 13w and "Haunt the Casbah" on them... Haunt the Cabah being a play on the song title by the Clash "Rock the Casbah" (about an Arab ruler who hated and banned western music but is defied by his subjects), thus it would make sense that the "HTC" would be the party or music line of 13w... The Cleo set however, does not say "Haunt the Casbah", it says "Desert Frights Oasis" on it.
My mistake, I thought you'd said something about the Cleo set... I just woke up.
13 Wishes: Haunt The Casbah doll assortment includes Frankie, Clawdeen, Lala, Abbey and Spectra. It's like a more deluxe version of the normal/standard 13 Wishes assortment (Twyla, Goona, Howleen, Gigi). The Spectra DJ Booth playset is part of the 13 Wishes: Haunt The Casbah assortment, so as the exclusive Abbey.


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