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Usually when stores are out of a doll, they just mark it with 'out of stock online and in store'... but the fact that the dolls aren't there at all is what's 'worrying' me.

I've been to three Targets and three TRU's within a 3 hour radius of where I live, and none of them had anything more than Exchange.

I'm just scared I won't ever find a Vandala in store (or be able to buy one online) and will have to resort to buying the damn thing online from scalpers, like I've had to do with most of the Target Exclusives (although I know she's not one).

Relax and don't panic. The lines are new, so they probably sold all the dolls they had and they'll most likely have another load of dolls soon to restock the shelves.

The websites for Target and Toys  r Us are not updated as often as they should be so therefore, they're unreliable and cannot be trusted. It's best to simply go directly to the stores, instead of checking their websites. ;-)

The stores locally tend to be worse than the websites. lol.

I was just stunned because the Haunted line WAS on the Canadian TRU before xmas, but it said 'out of stock online and in stores', and now they're not even on it at all.

I have not been on this board in a very long time..!
Just so no one panics I bought Kyomi (Haunted) at TRU about a week before Xmas. She was the only Haunted doll on the shelf. Then I found River Styx and Vandala at the Real Canadian Superstore about 10 days ago. I have not seen Porter but all the dolls are available on Amazon for around $20 USD. I actually picked up Casta Fierce for $7.50 USD on Amazon, they had a "lightning" sale just as I was browsing for Monster High. When I'm not in the mood for doll hunting in stores, I always order through Amazon. With the exchange and shipping costs, prices are about the same as what you would pay for them here but without the aggravation of driving around and searching. And on that note, the websites for all the stores (Walmart, TRU are crappy at best. You have to check the stores individually. I'm in Toronto. Hope this helps.


With the exception of Rochelle and Spectra, all of the dolls from the Haunted and Getting Ghostly lines are now available in Targets and Toys "r" Us. Plus, the entire wave 1 and wave 2 of the "Gloom & Bloom" line are available are Targets. Found Venus and Jinafire yesterday, and they also have Jane, Catrine and Cleo.

I found all the haunted dolls in TRU before Xmas for my child so they've definitely been released. I'm sure they will get more because TRU always ends up getting overstock after a few months of the initial release.

All of the Haunted? Including Spectra and Rochelle?

No sorry, I should have specified better. They had the new characters from the haunted line none the regulars girls though
None of**


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