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Post all the sightings of Monster High you see in Canada and discuss! <3

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I would really love to keep this thread active. 

My sightings yesterday at Walmart in Calgary, AB

-13 Wishes Gigi, Twyla, Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen

in Ontario, I have seen all those dolls , plus plush. I am looking for Scarah Scream. Please tell me if you spotted that one in Canada yet.

Scarah is on, but listed as out of stock.  Bummer.

Good deals today on  GNO dolls for $11.99.  Shipping to Canada VERY reasonable. 

Available from, the GNO 4 pack $54.97, and Music Festival dolls for only $10....shipping is FREE.

Mattell's online shop also has some good discounts on MH dolls.

When I looked yesterday, the GNO dolls were still $10 w/ free ship on too

I went to check Toys R Us here in P.E.I. yesterday. No ILF Scarah or Clawdeen yet... But on two shelves there was PD Operetta dolls with the heart mask and with the new mask! So surprised to have seen the fixed mask finally came here. I honestly prefer it over the heart one.

Just wanted to let those still in the MH game know TRU Canada has 3 of 4 newest dolls from the frights,camera,action line on presale and it's free shipping (today only)

They also have the Picnic Casket 2 pack of Frankie and Jackson (shipping is not free for this one)

Today, on my birthday nonetheless, I found Honey Swamp and Elissabat at Toys 'r' Us. They're both drop dead gorgeous!!! I bought them both immediately. Such a beautiful birthday from to me to myself, right? I'm beyond thrilled!!!

They also have Clawdia.

Haunted Melody, in Canada? Where abouts???

fully stocked with frights, camera action at my tru

Where in Canada ( we are a big land mass, Lol) are peeps finding Frights, Camera, Action...?

I saw the free shipping on TRU website wth Dec 1 delivery but figured they 'd be in stores earlier. I'd rather pick my own dolls because I'm afraid they'll send me one with a droopy eye, bad hair or a bad paint job.

Also does anyone know when Viperine is coming out, seems that Elissabat, Clawdia and Honey are all in same box, is Viperine in a separate assortment, possibly with Jane Boolittle...?

They're available in the Toys 'r' Us across the province of Quebec and in various cities, like Quebec and Montreal. I presumed they can be found in other provinces too, right?

I found the 3 dolls at the Kitchener Ontario toys r us on tuesday, but no Viperine. I saw the offer of free shpping if you pre-ordered, and the plan was to check out the store, come home and order them, but I didn't expect to find them right there on the shelves!

I'm wondering why Viperine wasn't included too.


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