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Hi everyone. do win anything for being the first to post in the new thread? If anyone has spare time on their hands, can they please repost all SDCC photo's here...that way we won't have to hop between two threads..I'd do it myself but am now dealing with the aftermath of having 5 kids over (what was I thinking? and no, no birthday yet, that's the end of Aug) so by the time I'm done cleaning up, I'll be pooped.

I really like Wonder Wolf. Can't wait to see who the other ghouls will be....Super Vamp...or Vampgirl....they should bring in some of the guys bc it seems like there are so many of the girls coming out and barely a guy, except for Jackson. Ooooh what if Toralei is Cat Woman?

Barbara I can't post pics bc when I do they are so large and do not show up unless you click on them. I have to figure out how to do this still. 

So, did my grocery shopping today... and no, of course Superstore hasn't restocked anything MH... not even a space for it, and haven't seen hide nor hair of the Leisure Spvr
Walmart still no DD
G, RM still sold out, tons of SS Ghoulia and a few SS Draculaura.  Now lots of Jackson, couple Abbeys and a Rochelle, but no Nefera or Operetta??? Weird.  Of course not - I have a voucher coming from Mattel that I was planning to use on a Nefera and Rochelle :S
Walmart did, however, have the scooter and powder room!  $32.94 (Blah, glad I spent the $2 more and got the dolls).

And, of course my scratch lottery tickets have turned up nothing.

Here's the picture of the super ghouls

Polterghoul &amp; Wonder Wolf - today’s big reveal! From FB page

I really like them! I'm praying that our Targets open in time for these since they are Target exclusives :( I hate that all my favorite exclusives have to be for Target. I don't like TRU's higher prices but at least they are available here.

here's GR Abbey

GR Abbey

Another shot of Abbey GR

RM Clawdeen

Roller Maze Clawdeen. Slightly different print from the 2-pack, black instead of purple. Hair color looks similar to GR Clawdeen, also has the green streaks like the other RM girls

RM Clawdeen

RM Clawdeens hair

Head Mistress Bloodgood

Headmistress Bloodgood

Ooh! Beating the fans, they&#8217;re revealing them before the floor opens! But still, Headmistress Bloodgood! I&#8217;ll still snap a booth pic and post it once I get in!

Thanks Julia!

Well, looked at the toy section of my usual Walmart tonight while grocery shopping, and was surprised to see the shelves fully stocked! -- of things I didn't need. TONS of the Rochelle/Jackson/Abbey case, some Sweet 1600, and a zillion cases of Skull Shores. They still have lots of the Roadster and some CAMs too. Alas, none of the new stuff. I'll hopefully be able to swing my the Super Walmart here on Sunday...

I haven't been to walmart in a really long time.
Last time when I was suppose to go I got side tracked and didn't end up going.
Does anyone have anything new to report on MH in Calgary?

No more news in Calgary. I've been to a couple Walmarts and TRU and nothing, they are all very low on stock

Witchy-I don't know if you saw my reply in the other thread but yes I'm on the Monster High Buy/Sell/Trade group :)

Still no sighting of Abbey or Frankie I love fashion? (How does make that little heart symbol when typing?)

Orogirl, have you seen any of the new fashion packs in our neck o the woods yet? (not asking to have them picked up, just want to know if they have made it here yet)

My friend hasn't gone to Costco, anyone else been lately?

I heard Scary Tales is out in the states.

Yeah I heard scary tales is out in the states too!
Darn Calgary WalMarts GET ON IT! lol!


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