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Post all the sightings of Monster High you see in Canada and discuss! <3

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Viperine seems to be following the same as GIGI. In her own case of 6. We should see her soon in an abundance. Our TRu is stocked full of FCA

I just found the new dead tired girls Robecca,Lagoona and Spectra at Canadian tire (ottawa/carling ave) of all places. CT seems to get MH dolls around Christmas. They also had a gigi, howleen,and Lagoona 13 wishes.

Frights, Camera, Action Dolls found at Weston Rd/ Hwy 7 ToysRus in Woodbridge, Ontario.

$24.47 regular price

Lots of Elissabat and Clawdia, only 3 Honey Swamp left. She's definetely the nicest of the bunch. Her afro and skin colour are fabulous.

No sign of Jane Boolittle or Viperine yet.

Kitchener Ontario toys r us also has the new Art class dolls. I saw Draculaura, Abbey, Robeca and Skeleta, they were full price at $29.99 which I think is expensive. Hopefully they will go on sale within a couple of weeks before the stock disappears.

Wow. Old thread is old.  Anyone had any sightings of Haunted dolls?  I've found Exchange at TRU, but I figured since most people in the US are picking up both at the same time, that they'd both be out in time for XMas.... Just wondering if that's the case anywhere in Canada, and if so, at what store.

I'm specifically looking for Ms. Dubloons, and I'm in Ontario. ^___^

Thanks for the help!

Haunted has also been found at Toys R Us in Canada. I bought both Haunted and Exchange in Calgary a few days ago. :)

Right now, the dolls available at Toys 'r' US in Canada from the Exchange line are Lorna, Marisol and Lagoona. As for the Haunted line, they have River, Vandala, Porter and Kiyomi. The others aren't available yet.

I've seen all four of the exchange line at my local TRU (Belleville, Ontario).  I only bought Lorna though... I'll definitely be picking up Draculaura in the future though.

I have yet to see any of the Haunted line... and I'm guessing they probably won't release the other ghouls in ghost form until the new year, closer to the date of the release of the movie.  As it is, I'm surprised that they released Haunted and Exchange at prettymuch the exact same time.

Thanks for the help guys!   I'm heading up to Ottawa next week and hopefully I'll get a chance to go shopping and maybe find some! ^_^

With the exception of Spectra and Rochelle, who aren't out yet, all the dolls from the "Haunted" line are now available through Canada in most Toys 'r' Us and Targets.

I've seen publicity cardboards from the Gloom & Bloom line in Targets. I Wonder when they'll arrive.

Ooo. I can't wait for Gloom and Bloom!  They're definitely next on my list of must haves after I get my grubby mitts on Vandala.  Thanks for the info!

Alright.... so I'm definitely a little 'scared' right about now.  Did some checking up just now....

Canadian TRU Website: NOthing.

American TRU Website: 3 Gloom & Bloom, 3 Getting Ghostly. NO Haunted, and surprisingly NO Exchange.

Canadian Target Website: No online shopping.

American Target Website: Exchange Only. NO Gloom & Bloom, NO Getting Ghostly, NO Haunted.

Canadian Walmart Website: NOthing.

American Walmart Website: NOthing either.

What the heck is going on?!?!?!

I don't know what you're scared about... The new dolls haven't been spotted at Walmart yet so they won't be on the website for a while still. Target has Gloom and Bloom and Haunted in store and has never had online shopping for Canadians. Toys R Us had them all online within the last couple weeks and are probably just out of stock online. Toys R Us has Exchange and Haunted in store as well as the Garrott and Rochelle 2 pack. There is nothing to worry about, lots of new lines are available in Canada, you just have to go in store to get them. :)


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