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Post all the sightings of Monster High you see in Canada and discuss! <3

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Thanks Witchy =] ill have a look

TRU in P.E.I.

And I noticed something... All of the Lagoona's there had a little "Freshwater Lagoona Blue" thing in the boxes. The first time I saw 13 Wishes Lagoona at this TRU more than a month ago she didn't have that in her box.

Just Found today 3pk Cheerleader Set TRU Exclusive Toralei, Purresphone, and Meowlody..$54.99

Catty Noir  $36.99 and Abbey Bominable 13 Wishes $29.94..  Flying off the Shelves. Good Luck and let us

know where you are finding them. these were found in Toronto, Ontario. Will upload photos later or upon


what date they launch the cheerleader cat set?

Where in Toronto?

2 packs at Niagara Walmarts, tons of GIGI's at the TRU here. No GNO 4 packs minus 1 Welland Walmart

They have them at Lawrence & Markham TRU.
monsterhghfan said:

Where in Toronto?

3pks in Niagara

Hello everyone!  has fashion Scarah made it to Canada yet?  Is she a TRU exclusive?

I'm not on Facebook, so I hope there are still people following this discussion.  Thanks for your help :)

only available on toys r us .com. Not in Canada yet.
I have access here in the states

When I emailed TRU about this a week ago. They replied saying they have no idea when they will be receiving these exclusives. I just got 3 of them today, took 4 weeks but I got them. (in the US)


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