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Post all the sightings of Monster High you see in Canada and discuss! <3

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I saw RM Abbey two weeks ago in Gatineau at a Walmart, but just last night my husband saw RM Clawdeen at the terminal/Trainyards Walmart. There was only one and we didn't get her.
Thanks Tiffany!! I'm surprised we got them so soon. I'm sure they will start popping up more frequently in the next few weeks.

Thanks again =]

I bought and returned a RM Abbey at Wal-Mart here in central AB.  Haven't seen Clawdeen anywhere though, and she's the only RM doll I really want.

Witchy, the MH dolls at London Drugs are $17 I think, which is the sale price (not exactly a great sale, but a couple dollars off is still money in your pocket).  My store doesn't have many, but there are a few.  Their stock of the dolls seems to be pretty consistently anemic.

The Walmart at the Fairview Mall in St Catharines has a whole shelf of Catrine! Maybe 8? Quite a few of them have imperfections on the face, and most have tragic box hair though, so prepare to do some digging.

So I haven't seen any comments on here yet re the new dolls/characters....Gigi and Twyla (?)

What do you all think? Opinions pls, like to hear all the lovers and critics....

I wasn't thrilled with Venus until I saw her in person so I'm not going to be all negative except I thought a daughter of a boogeyman would be a little darker and scarier and not so pastel-y. Her color scheme is almost same as Catrine. Should mention that my Catrine has seriously bad hair, her tail won't stay on and her skirt is way too short in the back. Doesn't even cover her bum completely. Her face paint is really nice though.

What's happened to everyone on this board or are we all bored with Monster High at this point. I still think they are great but they are putting out way too many lines with the main characters. Do people really collect 50 different Frankies ?

Hey chessnriley!
I'm excited for the new characters... though they are both customs I'd had planned since last year... in some ways, very similar, but in others, very different.... I'm not keen on Twyla, as she is definitely mostly not what I had envisioned, and her outfit is just... meh... but I'm going to reserve final judgement until I see her in person - and I'll still need to buy her anyways.  My OCD would not let me be without one of every character!!!
I like they both come with pets! Unlike Catrine, Werecats, Cupid, Jinafire, Skelita...
I've been trying very hard not to get sucked into the whirlpool of buying every single version or every single doll... but I can feel OCD taking over on that too... Now that I have Catrine, Skelita, Jinafire, and Scaris Deuce, I feel as if I should consider buying Frankie, Clawdeen, Rochelle, Ghoulia, Draculaura, and Abbey :/  And I want to get the SS 5pk, so I need to replace the SS Lagoona I used for a custom...  Still have DT Frankie NIB, feeling like I should be panicking to replace DT Cleo, Lala, and Ghoulia :S
I know that I absolutely cannot afford to buy every single doll that comes out, so I really should make my decision soon - though I don't do CAMs or the Design Labs... and won't be doing Colour me creepy.
I'm excited for the 13 wishes line - not so much for the 13 Wishes party line.   Hoping to get the Power Ghouls!  Target always has the best exclusives!
I took a brief dive into Lalaloopsy obsession, and realized there is no way I can afford to get every single mini, little, and big doll for my little ghoul the way I buy MH for me, so we're only buying the Lalaloopsys she likes :)  I'm definitely not tired or bored with MH, just a little overwhelmed!!

Personally, I really like Gigi and Twyla, though I agree that Twyla's color scheme is a little pastely for the daughter of the boogieman (it would have been nice to see a darker, creepier design, imo, but she's still really cute and I like her details).  I suspect they're going for a dreamy and/or dusty theme, what with the spiderweb dreamcatchers and the dust bunny pet and all.  Seems like they're going for a literal "monster under the bed" thing.

Don't get me started on the craptastic music festival dolls though; so disappointing.  And what the hell happened to Howleen's awesome tomboyness?  She just keeps getting pinker and girlier looking.

Oh if anyone's interested, LaDeeDa dolls are half-price at Superstore (though it could just be some kind of local price match or something).  Some of their clothes fit MH dolls really well.


Lots of sightings lately! Things seem to be picking up slightly, finally!!

1. Scaris: FINALLY got Jinafire! And I got Catrine at the same time to boot, crazy luck! Also found 3 Scaris Deuce's in the last 2 weeks :)

2. <3Fashion TRU exclusives: all TRUs seem to be carrying them

3. 1600: finally finished off the set with a Frankie I found in TRU tonight

4. Basics: seeing a few wave 2 Abbey's floating around, and a few Operetta's in London Drugs. Wave4 is pretty much spread out randomly everywhere (TRU, Walmart, SuperStore, etc)

5. Picture Day w1: all over most Walmarts

6. GR: finally seeing a bunch of Cleo's popping up, mostly in TRU

Feel free to msg me to trade more info! I'm missing quite a few dolls and am considering opening up some trades soon :)


I love Lalaloopsy, so does my daughter but they are too big and bulky. I stopped collecting the bigs, we have 16, too many. Unless a fabulous one is released that I can't resist, there's just no space for their fat heads and they are always slumping over or falling off the bookcase, drives me nuts. Switched to collecting the Littles Sisters and the minis.

I still like Monster High, I just hate Facebook so have been out of the loop. My daughter is not interested in any of the dolls that have no pets and I think Mattel dropped the ball on that a bit. Every new character should come with a pet just to keep consistency. Like what to do with the huge Scaris luggage? And they should all come with a similar diary. Catrine's diary is just photos, actually paintings of Paris/Scaris. There is no dialogue, they couldn't think of something to write? Weird.

Canadians/ Torontonians, pls post where you found Jinafire.... Vivian, none at 2 diff Toys, Toys, Toys locations but thx for the heads up. 

Has anyone had any luck finding Catrine in the lower mainland of BC?  Vancouver/Surrey/Fraser Valley and the like?

I'd say I'm relatively new to all of this and she's the only doll I've ever actually liked enough to want to buy.

I'm out in Abbotsford, but I go into Vancouver on occasion because I have doctors appointments at UBC.

I can't afford driving all around the lower mainland.  So I guess I'll just keep checking out the two Walmarts in Abby and the one in Mission.

Peas said:

where in the  lower mainland are you?

I'm in burnaby/east van.

Catrine has been here but she sells as soon as she hit shelves. I just started collecting as well.

nightfalltwen said:

Has anyone had any luck finding Catrine in the lower mainland of BC?  Vancouver/Surrey/Fraser Valley and the like?

I'd say I'm relatively new to all of this and she's the only doll I've ever actually liked enough to want to buy.

The Walmart in Mission BC on Lougheed HWY had two Catrines after I bought my one.


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