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Hairdorables are a line of blind box dolls released by Just Play focusing on twelve unique characters. Each seriescomes in a sealed package with various "surprises" of accessories as the package is opened. Like other blind box brands such as LOL Surprise and Shopkins or a capsule vending machine, purchasers often do not see--and thus do not know--which doll is contained in the package before purchase.

The dolls come with varying themes according to character, matching accessories, and are noted for having fully rooted variant hairstyles in releases emphasizing their unique fashion styles and personal interests. There is also a regularly updated YouTube channel with short form videos to expand on characterization, pets, boy dolls, and younger sisters.

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They are so cute. I can't really afford much at the moment but I will definitely get one of these.

Does it bother anyone else that the hairmazing dolls have really thin lips? I feel like they would look better with thicker lips. I'm considering painting on thicker lips.

I know that wave one of the hairmazing dolls just came out, but who is excited to see Rayne, Skylar, Kat, Nelia, Sallee and Brit as fashion dolls?

Just got Kali from this line. The top is thin material and sewn to the skirt and the belt doesn't fit. I'd say it's like a monster high budget doll but they are pretty and overall by today's standards not bad. 

Is anyone else having trouble putting in the earrings? Delilah's (Dee Dee) right earring won't fit in. Whenever I try to put it in, the peg bends and doesn't go in. I gave her donut earrings lol.

The hole is too small

I used sewing scissors and put it inside the hole and twisted it to make it bigger 

Thanks, but Ive become fond of the donuts lol

This link has a bunch of new pics of the series 4 hairdorables!

got 3 lovely girls! Neila, Emily and Trinity.

Hello, not a cat,

Which one is the one in the school girl uniform? I absolutely love her facial expression!

Awesome pictures of these Hairdorables, by the way, and cool LOL OMG body on that last one.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

More pics of Delilah

I saw Willow at Walmart last week and bought her! Though I still haven't removed her from the box. I love her candy theme! Im curious what other doll clothes will fit her(kinda worried about the feet).


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