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Hairdorables are a line of blind box dolls released by Just Play focusing on twelve unique characters. Each seriescomes in a sealed package with various "surprises" of accessories as the package is opened. Like other blind box brands such as LOL Surprise and Shopkins or a capsule vending machine, purchasers often do not see--and thus do not know--which doll is contained in the package before purchase.

The dolls come with varying themes according to character, matching accessories, and are noted for having fully rooted variant hairstyles in releases emphasizing their unique fashion styles and personal interests. There is also a regularly updated YouTube channel with short form videos to expand on characterization, pets, boy dolls, and younger sisters.

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Bella Hairmazing review

How did they find her?

Myfroggystuff’s review of the whole line

Kali Hairmazing in on amazon right now for $19.99!!! She's the only one of the six! Heres a link!

Glad I didn't get any hairdorables, cuz these are way cuter

Wait, do none of them have brown eyes? :C

There are 6 other characters that will probably be in wave 2. Sallee has brown eyes

They are really nice. I would not mind to have one of these. They remind me of the LOL OMG for some strange reasons. And they have stands.

I only have one hairdorable, Kat. I found her in a boot sale for 50 pence. She is missing her hairband but except this she has her outfit. She is cute.

I think they are a direct response to LOL OMG. Taking their little doll and making them big, + the packaging is too similar 

Yes, you are right. I just did not want to say it so directly! Hairdorables seems to be the only doll line to manage to compete with LOL. The other dolls lines are all dying one after the other. This is the LOL "disaster" phenomenon! Soon, there will be only LOLs on the shelves and the poor surviving Fashionistas. Help!

There are series 2 Hairdudable 2 packs on walmart!

Okay so... Neila must come with Logan (?) the blue haired boy. Matching tennis sets.

Skylar has a backpack with several international symbols on and Max has sushi... both have food so.. pair?

the new boy has an animal, Kat has animals. Maybe a pair?

but that leaves photography and maraccas which... doesn't quite seem to mesh. Hmmm.


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