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Hairdorables are a line of blind box dolls released by Just Play focusing on twelve unique characters. Each seriescomes in a sealed package with various "surprises" of accessories as the package is opened. Like other blind box brands such as LOL Surprise and Shopkins or a capsule vending machine, purchasers often do not see--and thus do not know--which doll is contained in the package before purchase.

The dolls come with varying themes according to character, matching accessories, and are noted for having fully rooted variant hairstyles in releases emphasizing their unique fashion styles and personal interests. There is also a regularly updated YouTube channel with short form videos to expand on characterization, pets, boy dolls, and younger sisters.

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Woah woah wait... WHAT!???

so excited!!!!!

Oh so they are making fashion dolls that's neat. 

Wow a fashion doll line, looks they are competing with OMG, must be getting their own back for Hairgoals lol, they look great though.


omg the green haired boy and girl! They're like forest spirits!

YESS more boys! I might be addicted to the boys <_/p>

These are super awesome live the new sets just hope they aren't too much money. 

So exciting!

is that actual embroidery on her jeans!??

that said, those glasses look like cardboard lol.

I wonder what the "surprises" are. Handbag, glasses, shoes and earrings?

I am getting rather tired of companies claiming these things are "surprises" when they're right there in the artwork on the box.


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