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Making Doll Play More Inclusive

In our world, dolls are as limitless as the kids who play with them. Introducing Creatable World™, a doll line designed to keep labels out and invite everyone in—giving kids the freedom to create their own customizable characters again and again.

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Image for CNVS 3 from Mattel

Image for CNVS 6 from Mattel

Image for CNVS 1 from Mattel

Image for CNVS 2 from Mattel

Image for CANVAS 4 from Mattel

Image for CNVS 5 from Mattel

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Wow. I did not expect Mattel to be this brave, but I'm so glad they were. 

This is EXACTLY what the doll market has been missing - a future-facing doll line that fully embraces a gender-neutral message. As inclusive as dolls have been getting, it still feels like the gender barrier is holding the market back, so I'm glad Mattel is challenging it with this line. It makes sense that this is the next frontier: we've had a rise in more ethnically diverse dolls, different body types, dolls with wheelchairs and prosthetic legs (I believe Makie even tested a doll with a cochlear implant), but gender identity is something that hasn't been really tackled in the doll world, until now. And I think they nailed it. Each doll could be a boy, a girl, or non-binary (are there any other officially non-binary dolls out there? because if not, these might be the first). 

The dolls have cute faces and I love that there are six different ones with varied skin tones and ethnicities. The outfits are quite simple, but I get that they were going for realism rather than the fancy stuff that a Monster High would wear. I know some collectors will complain that they're not glam enough and don't wear enough makeup, but frankly they can sod off. The realism makes sense and it doesn't need all of the bells and whistles. And articulation is a bonus, as usual. Just looking at the set-up and what's included, I think these dolls will be perfect for play. 

I also want to mention that Mattel doing this is an awesome power move. In the Time magazine article it says that they knew there would be people alienated by the concept and the marketing (i.e. intolerant buffoons) but they did it anyway because they wanted to represent the real world, to represent real gender diversity and the many children who are gender non-conforming. That's actually a boss move and I applaud Mattel for doing that. They're by no means a perfect company, but a big player in the toy market not only acknowledging but directly including gender diversity as a main element of a toy line - that's pretty incredible. 

I'm 100% getting one of these - I'm thinking maybe the redhead first. Best of all, Smyths was able to get these in the UK on THE SAME DAY as the States! If only they'd done that with Wild Hearts Crew. 

There is more press every hour and you tubers doing paid reviews these are getting a lot of attention today. The dolls are supposed to be children so there isn't an empassize on high fashion or makeup. Just everyday look which works but I'm hoping people won't get angry over these a lot of homophobic people out there.  

they are pushing this HARD, like how much money has Mattel thrown at this thing?

They look nice though, and omg actual zippers on clothing! That's exciting.

I love the tagline "dolls are for KIDS", it's something the Let Toys Be Toys campaign has been screaming for years, finally Mattel listened.

They're expensive but at the same time, 3 full outfits, 1 set of underwear, 3 pairs of shoes, full articulation, rooted hair, a wig and accessories? That's not bad value for money.

I love it, its a great idea! and its really well executed. As a doll collector the only thing Im not crazy about is that the girl's wig is a half wig instead of a full one. But other than that, bravo Mattel! shameless self promotion but yeah, review!

I want them ALL!

I'm not sure how I feel about them. The face looks absolutely like a boy's to me, so I'm getting an 'androgyny is being not female/feminine'/male as default vibe, but I do like that they have all the art so that it *doesn't* look like stereotype stuff like "put on long hair and become a girl (which means dressing in girly clothes)"

to be fair, when young kids have short hair they totally look like boys lol.

Children don't really have much in the way of gendered features as hormones haven't come along and changed up fat distribution in the cheeks etc.

I challenge anyone to work out the sex of a child dressed totally androgynously lol, it's really hard.

Heck even adults it can be difficult once you remove secondary sex characteristics like boobs.

I read the dolls as male primarily too buuuut that's because for me, male dolls are a rarity so if there's a chance I can read something as male, im gonna do it. I predominantly collect male dolls and have far more interest in them, so me seeing "boy" is probably related to that.

Interestingly, often when I see "boy" in something, my husband sees "girl". It seems to vary from person to person and I find that absolutely facinating.

I read the dolls as around 12, maybe could be 10, when you can definitely tell apart most of the time, but that's just me. I think having multiple face sculpts would make it better.

But I won't buy them anyway, because I only like the short hair on the ones with 'longer' short hair, they are pretty cute. But I think all the wigs look horrendous and I don't like any of the clothes either except for the overalls and the hoodie haha

the wigs don't work at all, they're way too big and the hard cap does NOT work for going over rooted hair. It's ridiculous.

Oh multiple face sculpts would have been amazing.

though they def remind me of baby EAH boys ahhahah. Same artist maybe?


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