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I find them quite cute. They look like a mix between Enchantimals and Hairdorables with a small MH touch. They have nice little bodies and are fully articulated. I might pick one or two if I like them in person (especially if I find some reduced! ;-).

I like them but it is not something I will rush to collect. There is nothing I really want to collect anymore. I don't think there is anything as collectable as MH was. Of course, there are LOLs OMG but I am not so keen on their faces. They look too much like the LOLs surprise but I think that kind of faces look better on the small dolls.


[Insert random swearing here] RATS! Big, fat RATS, Mattel! Why, in the name of all that's decent....and boring, did you have to go and announce this exciting-looking, addictive-looking doll line....just as I was trying to swear off buying too many new lines this year???

I was not that kid who was addicted to "The Flintstones", but I was that odd little girl who was so obsessed with dinosaurs, and with other prehistoric animals that she never, ever outgrew the obsession!

I'm usually one for some historical accuracy, and a lot of naturalism, but....these are just too darned cute, I swear! I mean, you'd have to be the spawn of an un-reformed Scrooge to not like these (No shade toward those who don't like these, but I just can't imagine why they'd be unlikable)!

I mean, those mischievous faces! That wild hair! The articulation! Those healthy-looking body proportions! Please, Mattel....don't bleep this line up with cheapness and excessive flaws. Please. I beg of you.

Now, the only questions are, "Where will the spending money come from?", and "What am I willing to part with in order to have the room for these irresistibly adorable new dolls?"

This is a great time to be alive! I just had to say that....after having seen these dolls! I'm so excited that I'm already trying to imagine the "Jetson"-style line that will hopefully follow! EEK!

<Disappears into a shadow, dreaming about cave people>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


I just found this:

The characters names are "Emberly", "Tella", "Fernessa", "Roralai" (Here's lookin' at you, Toralai Stripe! LOL!), and "Slate" (Please don't tell me that his last name is...."Grey"....<Groan> LOL!).

Guess which name goes with which character, and Mattel will send you an entire set of all of the dolls....FREE! NOT! LOL!

I shall make the following guesses:

EMBERLY = That red-haired girl with the torch. I know that, logically, her name could be "Roralai", as her pet is a T-Rex, but I'm goin' with the fire theme here, so just roll with it, okay?  ;)  ;)  ;)

TELLA = Mattel made this one easy for me to guess about! Tella carries a jewel-looking telescope in her hand! She has bluish hair.

FERNESSA = Mattel made this one easy for me to guess about, too.  Look at the girly hairstyle, all of that green, and the plant-themed purse!

RORALAI = I'm gonna say that the purple-haired girl with the pet saber-toothed tiger is Mattel's tribute to Toralai Stripe.

SLATE = The boy!

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

lol You make me laugh Wolfie. I was asking myself the same question. Where will I find the space? Money wise they are all quite expensive. One LOL OMG + one fashion hairdorable + one crazy Rainbow Surprise + one cave girl... Oh God! The good thing is Mattel products tend to be reduced unlike MGA (who apparently has forbidden a big French Toy shop to give promotional discounts to LOLs surprise. And if they did, MGA would remove the products from the shop). I have been told this by a person working in the shop a few years ago at the peak of the LOLs surprise craze. I don't know if it is true but if it is, it is dreadful. Anyway, Mattel cave dolls willl not sell as well so they will eventually become reduced. It is bad for Mattel but good for us.

Hello, Tula,

That toy shop "rule" does sound dreadful! Isn't it illegal for a toy corporation to do that? It sounds like the absolute worst kind of money grubbing attitude ever, and like a genuinely monopolizing move!

I was talking about the entire corporate greed thing with someone just yesterday, and we were talking about how it's a vicious cycle, about how these corporate leaders aren't even buying fancy things for themselves, but rather investing all of that money back into the investor pool, so that the investors will keep "growing" the company, so that the company will make more and more money off of the that will feed back into the investor pool, etc., and....the hamster wheel turns and turns and makes the customers sick! Gag!

I feel a bit silly for not immediately getting the double meaning of the name, "Cave Club" (A club full of cool caveman-era kids / a club used by cave people to catch moving food! ROTFLOL!). I have this sneaking suspicion that the same awesome genius has gifted us the double meaning goodness behind Monster High, Wild Hearts Crew, and Cave Club

Now, please give us a double-meaning-rich outer space doll line, Mattel! My inner Judy Jetson is begging for a doll line like that!

Oh, and on a side note....don't expect anything more than nylon hair from the Cave Club dolls. I can already tell that these dolls are gonna have nylon hair, but at least it looks very good when crimped! I had to give the Electrified Monster High dolls that much credit, 'cause that crimped hair looked good on them!

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

I don't know if it is true about MGA. I could not verify the information. If it is, it is disgusting. It has definitely influenced me negatively. I also find the MGA boss extremely unpleasant. It is a shame because I love their toys. I have been told this during the peak of the LOLs surprise craze. I have never seen any LOL surprise products reduced in France but I started to see some reduced in the UK recently. The craze is over. I have also seen some Poopsies reduced recently. Poop might be on the way out!!

is the humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time myth ever going to die? I guess not with Creationism being all the rage right now. Sigh...

they remind me if Hairdoorables with Hasbro Moana bodies.

Hello, mechagirl,

I agree about the Cave Club bodies, and I've never been able to let either side win the "Science Vs. Religion" battle within my mind. I like to think that if there is a God, He created the one-celled organisms, the dinosaurs, the Ice Age animals, and us, and that people have actually been arguing about it for too many years. LOL!  :)

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

I quite like them. Chunky legs, crazy hair, cute faces. They remind me of toys from the 80s and 90s and I dig that.

Purple hair and red are my faves. If the price is decent I might pick up a couple.

I like these, I might pick some up, I'm not sure I wanna complete the line but might be worth getting a few cause they are pretty cute, the girl with the pink hair reminds me a little of Howleen, I think I'm gonna skip the girl with big dinosaur cause I don't have room but I'll grab a few single packs. 


The characters look cool, but those prices are gonna knock us into The Stone Age! Holy Toledo!  : O

You'll also find that the Deluxe versions arrive with hair extensions, but my question is this: Is the rooted hair better in the deluxe versions, or do all of the dolls have nylon hair, regardless of weather they're the regular versions or the deluxe versions?

I hate to say it, but....I love the look of those hair extensions! I want....and need more money! :(

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Hi Wolfie,

They are really cute.

They will not be in shops until June I think. And we don't need to buy several either. We can pick the one we like the most. Then we can wait and see if they will be eventually reduced and pick another one! lol To be honest, I think I will wait for them to be reduced. I am not in a rush.


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