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Capsule Chix is an upcoming doll line by moose toys. Former Mattel designer Garrett sander took part in the creation.

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Are these a response to off the hook dolls? A couple look kinda cute but I’m not sure I’m here for it...

These are cute but the retail price of 15 seems a bit much unless each set is a two pack.

more blind bag style doll figures. Im really not digging these though.

they're okish I'm not that wowed by them, the one in the gold dress is cute but not sure if I will buy any yet.

Is anyone else afraid these won’t sell well

i don’t like them but Garrett moved all the way to Australia to work for this company 

would be sad to see it all go to waste 

I am!

I think nothing will really sell well except for the OMG LOL dolls.

Luckily, I might be totally wrong!! lol

I don't these will sell well either I think they look to be just more small dolls and I think small dolls are on their way out.
What counts as a piece isn't explained thou for one figure I think it's a but much that's 15 dollars for a tiny little figure similar to an lol but might not sell because some of the lol dolls have rooted hair at that price. I think at a lower price point this might have been a good deal like 6.99 or even 7.99. they are overpriced at 15 dollars. This isn't an already established line where they can get away with a high price like Dragonball z figures at that size do go for 15 dollars thou Dragonball z has a fandom of buyers this doesn't.

The capsule chix are really cool. I like the one with the glasses! I hope they will sell. It would be great if they make individual capsules to buy separately. Not that I intend to buy tons of them but I think they are really cute and fun.

They are making a four pack of exclusive dolls 


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