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Since the Bratz are back (again) lol i thought i'd make a an official thread

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Bought this today. My first tall bratz.

Lovely! How tall is she?

12 inches 

Isaac says Bratz are coming back...again

Ooo exciting. I hope they're back to actually being cutting edge. I mean the LOL OMG really did fill that niche with their outfits but it'd be nice to have Bratz back being actual BRATZ. Given how well OMG have done, maybe the market is finally ready for subculture dolls again. The last relaunch was too conservative but also just not culturally the right time for Bratz I think. It was a period where "safe" was what parents preferred, where "aspirational" was the buzzword and Bratz are not aspirational unless your aspiration is to become a rich kid with a huge wardrobe lol.

What a bizarre statement from Larian though. "we're hiring!" he says, after his rant about Mattel's business strategy lol. So wierd. He's such a wierd dude.

There have been THREE Bratz reboots so far. But I'm still quite excited to see a fourth. 

Let's hope they've learned some lessons this time. 

I really don't like that guy, Isaac Larian. sigh

Well, the LOL OMG cost £40 Euros in Fance no wonder they make profit...

Oh so bratz are coming back again hopefully they will be nice and not too expensive. 

wow Bratz are coming back again? this is a good time with MGA on top of their game lets hope they are edgy again.

Anybody who has an Ollie's Bargain Outlet near them, older Bratz dolls are being sold there. I saw the single doll sets and a school backpack with a doll combo set.


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