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Since the Bratz are back (again) lol i thought i'd make a an official thread

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If this fan-art is any indication, this collection is gonna be amazing. Hiring Hayden for this collection was a stroke of genius - the fans love his artwork. Heck, I love his artwork. I'd be prepared to buy the entire collection of these dolls. 

Apparently there were some Amazon leaks which said that Cameron would be in the line, and it is a collector line so I'd be hopeful for more boys. 

The artwork is fantastic! The outfits are great. I love them. I hope they will not be only available on line.

the fan art is so awesome, yes I hope we get more boyz especially one with a man bun, lol they are all the rage in these days, I would so buy these couples sets also.

The Official Bratz Instagram Has Been Teasing The Fall Comeback For The Past Month. As of right now we’ve gotten updated character logos & sneak peek of the Yasmin doll with Hayden’s sketches. Instagram link:

Blaze! There's Blaze! We're getting a Cameron! EEEE! can we have a dylan too please?

Not sure about the princess logo, that face looks... more like a bug than a frog honestly.

But omg a logo for Cameron means we're getting at least one boy! this delights me! I NEED HIM.


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