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Since the Bratz are back (again) lol i thought i'd make a an official thread

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Well i asked mga about the price point (heck I even tweeted the big man Larien himself) and I got a reply from the US branch. Typical "blah blah blah, we can't divulge info on a product that isn't yet released" flakeyness.

Soooo i'm assuming that means the rumours are true and MGA don't want to admit that they're massively overpricing crap because they know their stans will pay through the nose for anything Bratz. *sigh*

It feels awfully exploitative to price them at $50, a real cash grab and I find it pretty distasteful.

I will not be purchasing any of these dolls at that price, they simply are not worth it. MGA really needs to learn that their minority vocal idiot fans are NOT the majority of their fan community and no, actually quite a lot of bratz fans aren't blind imbeciles who'll pay whatever.

I kinda hope the line flops, badly, and I can pick a few up on clearance as Amazon desperately tries to get rid of them.

MGA are fricken morons.

well if it's £50 I'm screwed, though I might try and get Cameron and Sasha, though they are not worth £50 you're right, might wait for a clearance. 

eww Crayola no way, if it was good legit makeup like Mac or Maybeline then yeah but not crappy crayola, those youtube are annoying, so many of them and they are all the same. 

omg I need that Cam, it's too good haha.

looks like they DO get second outfits. Still not convinced it justifies the price though. $40 maybe, but 50 is just... yeah...

I am also massively dubious about anywhere outside the US getting them. $50 is almost £40 which is way too much for a sodding doll. £30 would be far more acceptable for a deluxe line doll with two outfits.

I dunno, I might get cam if I have money and vouchers (yay amazon vouchers) or sell something and have a bit of extra in my savings but i'm not happy about the price point. I think it's typical MGA money grubbing extortion. They ALWAYS overprice their products and it pisses me off.

This fan made custom wow...

Oh my! See THAT is what she should have looked like, see those shoes with the two different textures to make it clear it's stockings and shoes and not wierd fur boots?

It also highlights the point I made earlier, that several of the dolls aren't unique enough to justify the price.

Definitely an improvement on the real one. 

She is great!

Cute Jade!

I don't mean to be rude, but she looks really slutty

I mean that’s what bratz are known for 

I wouldn’t have it any other way 


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