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Since the Bratz are back (again) lol i thought i'd make a an official thread

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ooo Cameron. His hair is long! Doesn't look wavey though, which is disappointing. His art had wavy hair.

But ooo, I can't wait to see him fully.

wow Cam, looks exciting. 

I REALLY don't like her outfit. It's... very trashy. The thick coat over the bra, fishnet and.. whatever the hell those pants are kinda makes her look, dare I say it, like she should be turning tricks in Amsterdam. All she needs is a bumbag.

I do kinda like her face though. Nice lip shape, sultry eyes and I dig those eyebrows.

Clothes can be fixed/changed after all.

But yeesh, those shorts are just vile. I thought they'd be bad from the artwork, in the flesh they're even worse. what even is up with that design? Sorry Haydin but, no.

of course, they do look very well MADE. I mean, hideous, but well made.

They all look incredibly trashy to me. Nice face, awful fashions.

I would have liked to see what a woman what have designed for them. It seems like a trend with male designers and make up artists to make everyone look like trashy drag queens lately, and its not a good look unless you're actually a drag queen.

Yasmin's outfit looks okay to me, but i'm not sure how the hell they'll do those boots. I imagine her doll won't have thigh high boots. It's just not really practical.

The rest, i think my main problem isn't the trashiness (I mean they're bratz, slutty is their THING right? lol) so much as the... non cohesive design. Sasha's fishnet bodysuit with a big puffy jacket is a bit odd but those short... garter.. things are just a hot mess and look terrible, coupled with heels? I don't get it, it just doesn't quite work.

Cloe's got this kinda, sweet little blue ensemble and then what looks like a freaking military cap, which bewilders me. Like, what is that about?

and then Cameron has this relatively normal jeans and nice checked shirt and then for some reason a big fur coat? What is he, Macklemore? It doesn't mesh, it doesn't work, it feels kinda like they got dressed in the dark rather than any sort of real thought was put into how each piece complemented.

Jade's outfit is okay but it's really boring to me. Jeans and a fishnetty corset top, uh.. bland, boring, dull. and then a beret on top? huh?

She has better shoes though. I really don't like the old Bratz pointy heel/boot sculpts. I find pointy toed shoes really ugly irl so the sculpts for those shoes just doesn't do anything for me.

I dunno. I mean, I kinda like Yasmin because her design feels coherent, cohesive and like every piece actually goes together. She's the only one that I feel that way. Jade is "okay" but she feels astoundingly simplistic at the same time.

Cloe and Sasha's outfits just confuse me and Cameron needs to lose that musty ol' grandma coat immediately.

I'm concerned about the price point of these. Someone on twitter said $50? If they're that expensive then noooope. For that money  i'd expect at least a secondary outfit.

I hope they're more like $35, that's about as much as i'm willing to pay for a bratz doll. Especially if the outfits aren't really anything remarkable and from what i'm seeing, they just aren't to my taste. Clothes can be changed, but do I really want to pay a premium for an outfit i'm gonna take off and either alter or completely ditch?

I'm.. disappointed. Hers was the design I felt was most cohesive and I of course have a soft spot for Yasmin.

However, i feel like this doll is just a bit... dare I say it, budget feeling.

Her outfit is nice for the most part, I mean I love that jacket and her skirt is great, but it just doesn't scream "special limited edition" you know?

and those shoes...

they offend me.

I assumed from the art they were boots, they LOOKED like boots but looking closer, husband pointed out the seamline in the artwork. They're heels with matching thick stockings. Who the hell wears thick stockings with heels the exact same colour? that's ridiculous.

And the way it's been executed on the doll just.. looks so shoddy.

The heel mold with the indents all flocked makes it look like they're again, supposed to be one thing, not a pair of fuzzy velvet tights with heels, making the heel section not flocked would have helped divide the two up, or you know, ditching the dumb ugly idea of wearing thick knee high socks with freaking high heels (seriously who does that? is that a fashion thing? Is this the latest in stupid fashion trends?) and just giving her knee high boots with little lace stockings underneath.

I HATE the shoe garters, they look DUMB. The flocked heel with the skin part flocked looks DUMB. I just... eugh.

MGA have really dropped the ball here for me. It doesn't look right at all and i'm so disappointed.

I also hoped Yas would have curly hair but nope, soft waves. (sigh* and it's ridiculously overlong. I really dislike MGA's obsession with ridiculously long hair on dolls, it gets in the way and it's a pain to brush, also it's not realistic. For a doll line that's supposed to be more about "representing modern fashions" (or 2001 fashions) you'd think they'd also embrace modern hair styles and not give everyone boring as shit knee/ankle length hair like a sodding barbie doll.

Very few real people have KNEE LENGTH hair, it's just not realistic or fashionable and I find it bizarre. It kinda falls into a "little girls like combing hair!" sort of mentality that feels very.. unBratz and yet, MGA have been doing it for years.

I dunno.

All of the girls have the exact same hairstyle and I find that pretty dull. Haydin had the chance to really change things up but at the base of it, we don't really get anything new or special here.

I like some of the outfit pieces, I like the older style facial screenings (Yasmin here looks particularly like a few of her late 1st wave dolls with the thick eye makeup) and the sassy eyebrows, I like the fabric bags, but these don't feel "special" enough to warrent the inevitable price tag. I could get a Yasmin that looked much like this for a couple of quid off Ebay and dress her up. Same hair, same makeup, i'm pretty sure they've released a skirt just like that before as well, and the top is so generic (it's just a lace vest) that there's multiple options there.

Same with Sasha, nothing screams "new and original" and I find that super disappointing.

No variety with hairstyles, no real variation. Sasha has straightened hair AS USUAL because MGA long ago gave up the idea of actually doing ethnic representation and following the trends of those groups (can you imagine Sasha with an afro? How popular are the few of her dolls that got given natural hair? WHY Haydin did you not embrace that and give us a fro or something less common?)

Instead they all have straight or slightly wavey hair, that's the same length and the same style. Jade got bangs, but that's literally the ONLY variation. It just... it feels like a missed opportunity.

Sadly, i'm just not feeling the excitement with this line. Not one doll is "omg perfect". Every single one has elements i'd want to change/fix/redo and so far, none of their faces have been differentenough either.

It looks like we're getting jointed arms though, I suppose that's something. But the 10/10/10 party body was fully jointed (not very well but still) and is readily available so it's not like jointed bratz are something new and exciting.

I dunno. I wanted these to be better.

I'm kinda nervous about Cameron because I kinda feel like his pants are gonna be gross and shiny and his hair won't be wavy like his artwork and just look kinda old ladyish.

and it annoys me, because he deserved better.

they all deserved better.

Kudos to Haydin for getting his dream job, but these just aren't special enough for me to want to pay the premium "adult collector" price. There's no indication we'll be getting secondary outfits or any other extras, nor is there really anything going on with the dolls themselves that feels that "deluxe" aside from maybe their handbags (big whoop?)

Of course, the Bratz Stans are lapping this up and already over on twitter yelling at anyone who expresses disappointment and telling them they aren't "fan enough".

Bratz fans are some of the most deluded, crazy people i've met in the doll hobby. .It's just.. bizarre.

Still, I doubt i'll get any of the girls unless they're cheap. I just don't "love" them enough and i'd rather spend the money on an older Bratz doll with a similar faceup and better shoes.

Yasmins shoes offend me.

I like Yasmin. I could see it was not high boots on the artwork so I am not disappointed. If they are sold on line only, it solves the "problem" for me. I will not buy them. I only buy second hand items on Ebay (sold by people who want to get rid of them! lol). I don't like to buy new dolls on line. They look similar enough to older Bratz to not make me have too many regrets!

mga's bratz qc with screenings at least is fairly consistent. I don't think i've ever actually seen a wonked up bratz. I mean, the Bratzillaz were BORKED at release, i saw some really bad ones, but i've never seen a bratz with wonk. I wonder if it's something to do with how they print the eyes and the really big and obvious indents for them.

Has anyone ever seen a wonked to hell bratz? I totally wanna see one lol.


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