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I found these at Target and Walmart, and I bought a set at Target. Thought they were cute.

I call this new tinier doll with lots of plastic replacing  clothes and some sorta  blind bag element trend dollfigures as this I feel will be what eventuality dolls are headed for.

i also saw a smaller new brand at Target but cant remember the name. They came in like capsule cylinder stye containers and I think you couldn't tell which one you'd get.

MLP is also getting in the dollfigures game...saw some the new Equestria dollfigures that are muuuch smaller that the regular mini figures. Don't know if these will eventually replace the larger version.

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I have seen these dolls too. I think they are cute. I did not buy any because it would be more plastic in my place! lol Totally overwhelmed!

Yes it looks like this the way dolls are heading towards at the moment. I can hardly see any "proper" dolls in shops except for Disney Princesses and big dolls like "My Generation".

I am yet to get some but I am planning to, I don't really tend to go after all of them because it's too exhausting just the ones I really like it works better that way. 

if I'm honest I much prefer regular dolls over dollfigures but I am always open to try something different having a few of the older style equestria girl dollfigures before they came back as actual dolls and some other random stuff I have to say some can be quite cute and fun to own. 

Yeah it really does look like most dolls are headed this way or most regular doll lines will come with a dollfigure counter part on the side sold separate of course, most already do and have been for a while, I'm not entirely sure if they sell that well usually the dolls don't sell as well so the dollfigures don't always. 

 I think LOL really kickstarted this recent doll / blindbag feature trend. The toy companies are desperate for sales and blind bags are whats in now. It also gives them the excuse to shrink down the dolls and save on plastic, hair & fabric, many even forgoing hair and fabric altogether. Some really are just figures but they have a doll element b/c you can mix and match their clothes and even hair, like with the OTH line.

I also noticed a new Disney princess dollfigure line, they're sort of a  repackaging of the old Mattel style little  kingdom figures. They come in these gem like boxes and you don't know which princess you'll get.


I probably won't be getting any of these....unless, of course, I decide that I can't resist Naia and Jenny, with their ice-cream-hued hair! Cool!  :)

Thank you for the URL, mechagirl.  :)

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