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I am most excited about Abby Bominable, pj sets and a huge Monster High playset of the school if they ever make one. I wish they would make a Ghoulia and Abby plush someday.

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can't wait for snowman chic and ghost girl but what i want is the classroom set. like, when i was six, i always wanted them to make a school set for polly pockets or barbie i'm sooooo happy their making one for mh. with like the gym and science lab and janitors closet and restrooms and the auditorium and all that???
Operetta, you know if she ever gets a doll.  Also Spectra.

Abbey Bominable!! If mattel makes her look amazing then she will be my fav.

Spectra!! I really want 2 see how mattel is gonna make a ghost girl

I can't wait for the three new girls. :)
Abbey, Spectra, and the possible Operetta. I really want to see what they are like.
Definatley Operetta and I am pretty sure they will do a doll of her....


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