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I'm doing something I've never done before, I'm asking for a bit of help with inspiration.  Here's the thing, I've been on this pirate kick lately.  Because pirates are swag.  And I've been wanting to make a MH OC with a piratey vibe.  But I don't know much about pirate lore, or many sea creatures beyond the obvious. (Kraken, Selkie, Siren, Mermaid, Lorely, Giant Octopus and a long list of Sea Serpents.)  But nothing specifically pirate related.  

So I was wondering if anyone had a piratey parent suggestion.  Bear in mind I'm looking for actual monsters, so daughter of "The Pirates" just wouldn't work.  And I've considered daughter of "The Ghost Pirates" but we all know that was really old man Jenkins from Scooby Doo.  So yea, any suggestions would be much abliged.

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if you do a google search on pirates myth and monsters you could find something. Other than that, the flying Dutchman comes to mind.

Oooh! Have you ever seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movies? (BEST.MOVIES.EVER.)

Ok well, in the second movie, there is a cursed crew with like a hammerhead guy, Davy Jones (Squid crab guy) and that sort of thing. It would be cool to do that sort of sea weed fish thingy. 

You could take Davy Jones and Mother Carey as monster parents. Here's the poem that's the earliest known mention of Mother Carey: .

Another option is to ignore specific parents and just go the Ghoulia route by saying the parents are "The Draugar" (singular: draugr). Draugar are a specific type of undead, the revived corpses of people whose bodies ended up at sea (i.e., through drowning or a seaman's grave). It's not specifically pirate related, but you could just as well make a pirate-themed draugr.

@Luna:  The Dutchman is a ship.

@PopcornTime: Aye, I've seen all four of the pirates films, and naturally Captain Jones and his seafood chowder of a crew came to mind, but I tend to avoid taking things from movies unless they are horror movies in their own right, that and there are a great deal of Jones children running around.

@Sonnet: Thanks, both your suggestions work wonderfully, I'd been thinking of some kind of pirate undead, but couldn't find a specific type to base one on.  And thank you for introducing me to Mother Carey, she seems pretty interesting. 

@Crystal:  Blackbeard was a real person.  While rumors may have circulated he was the devil himself, he was as mortal as anyone else and this was proven when he was decapitated.  Although legend has it his headless corpse swam around the boat three times.


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