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So, these always get lost in the bowels of my profile, and it takes way to much hassle to dig it up. So, here's the fourth update to this, and while I'm at it, I'll sort them into categories: Three separate tiers, first being most commonly used and developed, third being moreover backgrounders I don't do much with.

Oh, and some got renamed. I've been on that for a while now.

1st tier (Used often, fleshed out)

Harmony Seirene - Daughter of Peisinoe

Maibe Anapa - Daughter of Anubis

Charles Messina - Son of Charybdis

Espella Miratium - Daughter of the Eisoptris

Gwennant Sealy - Daughter of a Selkie

Kara Oskmey - Daughter of a Valkyrie

2nd tier (Not used quite as often, somewhat fleshed out)

Jakob Springenalle - Son of Spring-heeled Jack

Echo Whitecap - Daughter of a mermaid

Mirall Miratium - Son of the Eisoptris

Maulangell Blythburgh - Daughter of the Black Shuck

Alkippe "Alek" Erinye - Daughter of Alecto

Marguerite Cygne - Daughter of a swan maiden

Bardrick Jaeger - Jagermonster

Astelle Delos - Daughter of Asteria

Aaron Northwind - Son of an Aura

Dolan Gan Ceann - Adopted son of the Dullahan

Seraphina Sorrows - Weeping Angel

Dallas Rackam - Pirate cursed by the Aztec gold (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Eshe Sands - Winged guardian sphinx

Fawn Deerfield - Daughter of the Deer Woman

Scylar N. Serpient - Daughter of Scylla (and Glaukos)

3rd tier (Rarely used, undeveloped)

Apophis Apep II - Son of Apophis

Mairin C. Hagge - Daughter of the Sea Hag

Ardiana Liugat - sampiro

Elian "Neeka" Time - Daughter of Father Time

Cadmea Vulpes - Daughter of the Teumessian Fox

Teumessios "Todd" Vulpes - Son of the Teumessian Fox

Galatea Coggsworth - Automata

Minthe Erinye - Daughter of Megaera

Tirrell Erinye - Son of Tisiphone (and Cithaeros)

Thursday Addams - Daughter of Wednesday Addams

Chester Sidhe - Son of a Cait Sith

Lachlann Colpach - Son of a Kelpie

Borgren Nacken - Son of a Nix

Valfred Ravn - Son of a Valravn

Mary Huldrekin - Daughter of a Huldra

Why, yes, I do have a ton of OCs. Your point?
Now, if you know who half of the monsters are on this list, you win a cookie.

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I KNOW HALF! Please, a cookie.

I love all of your OCs. :) 

*Should not mention I basically know all the freaking monsters*
New list equals new awesomeness.

Now I'm hungry. And hyper. I need a cookie. Please. :3

~passes out cookies~

Yeah, this was for my benefit as well as you guys' XD I can hardly keep them all straight.


Zena approves of all the OCs.

My cookies ~didn't mention that I spiked them with hot sauce~ >:3

Thank ye.

(How this went when I saw this. "Lalala, oh, comment in FF and OCs. Wait. It's a comment on mine?")

Thank you .3. I know quite a few people disprove of making heaps of OCs, especially when they're undeveloped.

Well, if you wanted to, I'd be happy to give you permission. There's one mirror demon OC made by someone whose not me XD


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