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Look it's all my OC's and all they're pictures, yes all of them.  I finally got off my lazy but and did some work.


Name: Phantasmagoria Graveston

Age: Uhh… Sixteen? Maybe, I think aging is different when you are dead, I was alive in the 1800's, I think.

Monster Parent:  The Grey Lady

Killer Style: Floaty and ethereal, lots of light colors, and of course my chains.

Freaky Flaw: Sometimes I’m intangible, sometimes I’m invisible, sometimes I leave ectoplasm all over the place. 

Pet: Just my raven named Lenore, only her and nothing more.

Favorite Activity: Gossip, pranks, haunting.

Biggest Pet Peeve: The whole intangibility thing, it’s a bummer.

Favorite School Subject: Ooh drama definitely, drama, even if it’s mostly for the teacher, Mr. Where is creeperific.

Least Favorite Subject: Home Ick, it’s not much fun making things you can’t eat.

Favorite color: Pale blue, white, dove grey.

BFFs: Oh I like just about everyone, but mostly I spend my time with Claretta, and Felica, bothering Nosferina, or helping Spectra run the...Wait, I'm not supposed to talk about that...Oh but I want to say it anyways!  I help Spectra run the Ghostly Gossip!  There, now everyone knows.   Cool isn't it!  

Favorite Food: I don’t eat.


Name: Nosferina Orlok

Age: Seventeen hundred...and twelve.

Monster Parent: Count Orlok

Killer Style: Goth I guess, I have propensity for black, old fashioned, and buckled.

Freaky Flaw: I have no reflection, I cast no shadow, and I can not stomach the light of day.  Holy objects cause me physical pain, all the usual vampire complaints, also my overbite.

Pet: Rats, of which there are many, the largest is named Boo, short for Bubonic.  

Favorite Activity: Solitary things, reading and manicures are my favorites.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Media vampires, we are not all dazzling you know.

Favorite School Subject: Math. 

Least Favorite Subject: Home Ick, I do not eat normal food so it is a waste of my time.

Favorite color: Black, with perhaps a splash of red.

BFFs: Draculaura, Ghoulia (she has the most common sense of anyone I have met this century) and Operetta, some how I end up spending a lot of my free time with Griffin, and Phantasmagoria treads a careful line between nuisance and friend, I also have many cursory aquaintances, I consider them friends, but not "besties"...I hate that term.

Favorite Food:  I will let you guess.



Name: Porcelina Doile

Age: 33

Monster Parent: Technically I don’t have one, but I was made by a very nice old couple and I live with all the other dolls.

Killer Style: Oh very frilled and well, doll like, I hear the look is big in Japan but they totally boggarted my style.

Pet: Oh no, too much dander, but I have lots of teddy bears!

Freaky Flaw: I can’t change my facial expression, at all and it’s very frustrating, because I’d like to be an actress someday.

Favorite Activity: Tea parties, playing dress up and other games.

Biggest Pet Peeve: I’m so delicate, and so short.  

Favorite School Subject: Drama, or maybe fashion, either way I get to wear pretty costumes.

Least Favorite Subject: Gym.  Do I look like an action figure to you?

Favorite color: Pink.

BFFs: Operetta and Phantasmagoria and Sydney and Jake and Draculaura and Clawdeen and Felica and Charli and Demetra and well I like everyone really. 

Favorite Food: Imaginary cookies, and tea. 



Name: Seymour Griffin

Age: Seventeen

Monster Parent: The Invisible Man

Killer Style: Fedora, Trench coat, shades, nothing special, nothing really noticeable.

Pet: I have an invisible cat her name is mittens; unfortunately she’s missing right now.  Haven’t seen her all week.

Freaky Flaw: Hmm…Flaws, flaws, what possible flaw could I have…  Oh I know, how about I’M INVISIBLE!!  Oh and I’m sort of temperamental.  

Favorite Activity: Video games, being a nuiscence. 

Biggest Pet Peeve: Seventeen years worth of invisibility puns, I am not amused.

Favorite School Subject: Gym.

Least Favorite Subject: Mad Science, startling I know but I have a far better lab at home. 

Favorite color: Chartreuse, what kind of question is that anyway?

BFFs: Friends? Yea I’m not really a people person, but Jake Heels is fun and if I have to be anti-social with someone I’d rather it be Nosferina, oh and the new kid, Mad something or other.  Great lab partner.  

Favorite Food: I’m not picky; it all looks the same when it’s digesting.


Name: Nixen Tarn, of course my real name is a well-kept secret.

Age: 16

Monster Parent: Nixes

Killer Style: Dapper but damp.

Pet:  I’ve got a snapping turtle, oh so creatively named snapper. 

Freaky Flaw: If I’m away from fresh water to long I get despondent and moody.

Favorite Activity: Practicing the violin, I teach too, down at the community center. 

Biggest Pet Peeve: Being away from water, oh and bad music.  I’m looking at you Biter.

Favorite School Subject: Band.

Least Favorite Subject: Dragonometry.  

Favorite color: Teal and murky blue, they remind me of home.

BFFs: Holt Hyde, Keenin Wales and Operetta, pretty much anyone you’ll find lurking in the music room, oh and Daphne, my girlfriend.  Can't forget that.

Favorite Food:  A little blood with some Scandinavian vodka…Yea I know, it’s weird. 


Name: Fleeta Woods

Age: 16

Monster Parent: Flatwoods Monster

Killer Style: Sort of space age, in kitschy retro sort of way.

Pet: Pet, well nothing here but I have a robot.

Freaky Flaw: I’m always bright red but I glow when I’m embarrassed, scared, or frustrated, this usually embarrasses me further.

Favorite Activity: I like tinkering with my ship.

Biggest Pet Peeve: When people are sarcastic, I don’t have that on my planet.

Favorite School Subject: Engineering, your earth technology is so simple it’s refreshing, I also like astronomy which reminds me of home, and math which is a constant no matter where in the universe you are. 

Least Favorite Subject: English.

Favorite color: Hoolovoo

BFFs: Everyone here has been very nice about my newness, Jake and Nosferina are very helpful guides, I feel a certain kinship with Frankie since we are both new to this world.  And Marsha, who despite her somewhat surely behavior is not really all that bad.

Favorite Food: I haven’t been here long enough to decide.


Name: Sydney Slenderman

Age: Older then I look.

Monster Parent: The Slender Man.

Killer Style: I look very sharp in my suit.

Pet: I have a several stick insects.

Freaky Flaw: Technology does weird things around me.  Mostly cameras, but electricity and I don't always get along.

Favorite Activity: Photobombing.  I'm in every picture in the school year book.  But it's not always on purpose.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Low ceilings.  

Favorite School Subject: Gym and home ick, multiple stretching tentacle arms come in super handy for both.

Least Favorite Subject: Drama.  Or Creative Writing.  They make me read things aloud.  

Favorite color: Grey.

BFFs: Jake, Porcelina, Charli, Kadria and Demetra...I'm surprised I'm this popular with the ladies.  Dad says it's the suit.

Favorite Food: Children…I mean nachos, yes, nachos.   


Name: Jake Springald Heels.

Age: 17

Monster Parent: The one and only Spring Heeled Jack Terror Of London.

Killer Style: I dress and carry myself as a gentlemen, if a somewhat theatrical one, others call me eccentric but I just wouldn’t feel like me without a dashing black cloak and goggles to protect my eyes when I’m bounding across rooftops.

Pet:  I have an Amazonian tree frog; he jumps almost as high as I do (when you take scale into effect of course.)

Freaky Flaw: Flaw, oh I think not, at least nothing severe, I suppose you could say not everyone finds my quirks endearing.

Favorite Activity: Lurking on darkened rooftops and behind bushes then startling people.

Biggest Pet Peeve: I am far to easy going a guy for pet peeves.

Favorite School Subject: Mad Science, gym, engineering, English too I suppose. Did you know I’m a track star?

Least Favorite Subject: Drama, not that I don’t enjoy the arts or have a flair for the theatric but I have no skill for acting, however should they ever be in need of a dashing rouge or nefarious villain they can give me a call.  I play those parts naturally.

Favorite color: Black like the shadows if the city at night.

BFFs: Griffin, Porcelina, Sydney, Jan, oh and Felica, I almost forgot my favorite phantom! Oh and I recently made the aquaintence of one Sween E. Todd, who not only seems like a very cool guy but has simmilar Penny Dreadful roots.  Naturally we have to hang out now.

Favorite Food:  Meat Pie.


Name: Claretta Worth

Age: 17

Monster Parent: Bloody Mary

Killer Style: Sort of blood splattered and punky, oh but don’t worry it isn’t mine, well not all of it.

Pet: A surprisingly bright red tarantula whom I have dubbed Burgundy, to go with the red theme of this family. 

Freaky Flaw: My eyes or rather eye sockets (death is a messy thing.) have a habit of swelling up and bleeding spontaneously, it’s sort of annoying but I deal with it, now if only I could stop wiping my hands on my skirt.  Whatev’s it’s a look.

Favorite Activity: Just hanging with friends at the Maul, maybe some scareoke or practicing my bass.

Biggest Pet Peeve: People who think I’m blind, newsflash, I’m dead, physics don’t apply anymore.  Oh and mirrors, when your mom can watch you through them they make you uncomfortable.

Favorite School Subject: Lunch? I’m not a huge fan of school.

Least Favorite Subject: The rest of it. 

Favorite color: Red.

BFFs: Phantasmagoria, Operetta, and Winifred, Blair, oh and Amaranth.  Mort's cousin, for a biological weapon he's a chill dude.

Favorite Food:  Again I’m dead, used to like chocolate though.


Name: Keenin Wales

Age: Sixteen

Monster Parent: The Banshee’s (Well a Banshee, I have no idea who or what my dad is.)

Killer Style: I like to think I am elegant and sort of mysterious.

Pet: an albino weasel named Wraith

Freaky Flaw: The shrieking.

Favorite Activity: Choir, I have a voice that can break glass you know.

Biggest Pet Peeve: This will shock you; I’m not actually a ghost.  I’ve never died and I don’t plan to anytime soon, I hate people who think I am. 

Favorite School Subject: Choir again.

Least Favorite Subject: Gym, I’m not athletic.

Favorite color: Soft grays and greens.

BFFs: Phantasmagoria, Nevar, Claretta, Operetta, and Nixen, and I find Mortimer Fascinating. 

Favorite Food: Oh I don't care, not really.  Salad I guess.




Monster Parent: DEATH.


Pet: NO.


Favorite Activity: I’M REALLY FOND OF CHESS.


Favorite School Subject: NONE.


Favorite color: BLACK


Favorite Food: SOULS.


Name: Winifred Webb

Age:  17

Monster Parent: Spiders 

Killer Style: Black silks and laces, it helps that I can spin both myself, all very elegant; I suppose you could say gothic.

Freaky Flaw: None that I could pin down but I have eight limbs, eight eyes and mostly eat bugs.  Personally I don’t see the problem but you humans are so squeamish.

Pet: Well no pets per se, just victims.

Favorite Activity: Sewing.

Biggest Pet Peeve: You’re probably expecting something about people who step on bugs, it’s not.  What I really dislike is when things get stuck to me.  

Favorite School Subject: Fierce Fashion.

Least Favorite Subject: Drama believe it or not I get horrible stage fright, when all those eyes are on me I just freeze up.

Favorite color: Black.

BFFs: Nosferina, who shares my snark, Nevar, (funny, I think the food chain says this should end poorly.) and Porcelina, who is adorable.

Favorite Food: Honey ants, barbequed spiders, millipedes, and earthworm spaghetti.



Name: Jan E. Wocke

Age: Hmm well I’ve had seventeen birthdays but I far prefer to count unbirthdays.

Monster Parent: The Jabberwock, but his friends call him Jabbers.

Killer Style: I dress very normally, everyone seems to think it’s terribly unique though; they act as if they’ve never seen purple polka dots with striped bloomers before, or maybe it’s the rips.

Freaky Flaw: These claws that catch, on everything.

Pet: A Slithy Tove named Mimsy for its disposition.

Favorite Activity: Croquet and tea.

Biggest Pet Peeve: The afore mentioned claws and too much common sense, fortunately this being high school the latter is scarce.

Favorite School Subject: Creative writhing, possibly reeling.

Least Favorite Subject:  Any branch of arithmetic especially uglification.

Favorite color: Purple and green.

BFFs: Jake and Jack, my J friends.  Porcelina, who throws wonderful tea parties, and Phantasmagoria, who follows my logic.

Favorite Food: Bread-and-Butterflies, with jam if the day is right.



Name: Nevar Moore

Monster Parent: The Raven

Age: Sixteen

Killer Style: Gothic and Classical, but with a little bling.  I can’t help myself.

Freaky Flaw: I repeat myself a lot.

Pet: None.

Favorite Activity: Reading and writing.

Biggest Pet Peeve: I don’t know what I have in common with a writing desk Jan, please stop asking.

Favorite School Subject: Creative writing

Least Favorite Subject:  Public Speaking or music.

Favorite color: Black

BFFs: Cecilia Amontillado, Winifred Web, Amaranth Thanatos and Nosferina Orlok.

Favorite Food: I’ll eat anything, no really I will.




Name: Blair Weist

Monster Parent: The Witches

Age: Seventeen

Killer Style: I have wicked sense of style and these super cute ruby red heels.

Freaky Flaw:  Like I’d tell.

Pet: I’ve got a black cat named Jinx.

Favorite Activity: Shopping, texting, gossiping.

Biggest Pet Peeve: “Only bad witches are ugly,” What kind of message is that?

Favorite School Subject: Unfourtunately Monster High doesn’t have a buisness course.

Least Favorite Subject:  Swimming, murder on the hair.

Favorite color: Purple

BFFs: Cleo, and Winifred, and Claretta.

Favorite Food: Frog legs.   










Name: Hessia Horseman.

Age:  Sixteen.

Monster Parent: The Headless Horseman

Killer Style: Slightly equestrian, with a little bit of influence from the late 1800’s, I’d like to wear more hats, but when my head goes flying so do they.

Freaky Flaw: Well I’m a little bit of a forgetful sometimes, I’d loose my head if it wasn’t attached to me, no I’m serious, that happened last week.  Twice.

Pet: I’ve got a pony named Irving.  Five-year-old girls everywhere revel in your jealousy!

Favorite Activity: Horseback, or Motorcycle Riding.

Biggest Pet Peeve:  Seymour likes knocking off my head for kicks, that guy is such a jerk.

Favorite School Subject: Don’t have one.

Least Favorite Subject: P.E. Mostly cause of Dodge balls, it’s like cannon fire only bouncier. 

Favorite color: Black.

BFFs: Phantasmagoria, and Porcelina…You know it just occurred to me both they’re names start with P, now I feel left out.

Favorite Food: Pumpkin pie, and head cheese, not necessarily together.






Name: Maddox Skullcrusher.

Monster Parent: The Mad Scientist.

Age: Seventeen.

Killer Style: Style? No I don’t really have a style.  I wear my lab coat over what ever is clean.

Freaky Flaw: I’m not great with people, and can be a little neurotic.

Pet: I have a few.  All home made of course  

Favorite Activity: Perverting the laws of nature.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Messy things, and annoying people.

Favorite School Subject: Mad Science, although I’m more suited to teach it myself then the teacher is.

Least Favorite Subject: P.E.  I can’t begin to list the problems I have with it…Well I could but we would be here all day. 

Favorite color:  White.

BFFs: Griffin, Jake, Ghoulia, and Frankie. (She’s so perfect, I wish I could make a girl like that.) Olivia Droid, (math partner), and Collete Prefect, although she scares me just a bit.  

Favorite Food: Turducken, much like my own work it is a perfect hybrid.


Name: Amaranth Thanatos

Monster Parent: The Red Death

Age: I think that’s getting a little personal.

Killer Style: Very covered up, like most reapers I have a hood, I’m very fond of my plague doctor mask, oh and I wear a whole lot of red. 

Freaky Flaw: All there in the title. I am plague personified; those who come into physical contact with me die a horrifying death with in half an hour. (Unless you’re already dead.)  And if I breathe on you will probably get the flu.  Naturally I have my face covered at all times.  It’s not something you want to see anyway.  Oh and the constant oozing sores are kind of annoying.

Pet: Even the plague rats die in my presence.

Favorite Activity: I'm a bit of a party animal when it comes down to it.

Biggest Pet Peeve: The I touch you, you die thing, oh and the being sick most of the time. 

Favorite School Subject: Georgrephy, I’ve been everywhere. 

Least Favorite Subject: P.E.  Not cause I hate it, cause I can’t join in.  Home Ick same reasons.

Favorite color: Guess, go on.

BFFs: Claretta (more like GF if things go well.), Nosferina, (I know her through my uncle Black,) Operetta (who looks almost as corpsey as me!), Nevar, and Mort, who is my cousin and therefore we have to be friends.

Favorite Food: The souls of the dead…Nah, just joking, I require no sustenance. 


Name: Wily Wisp

Monster Parent:  The Will ‘O The Wisps.

Age: Fifteen.

Killer Style: Uh…I guess I’m a little preppy, I just like to be well put together.

Freaky Flaw: I glow in the dark.

Pet: A salamander named Glimmer.

Favorite Activity: Long walks in the woods.

Biggest Pet Peeve: People who think I can lead them to buried treasure.  If I knew where it was, I would have used it by now.

Favorite School Subject:  Home Ick is kinda fun.

Least Favorite Subject: Monster Lit.  I like reading, but not on command.

Favorite color: Pale blue and glowy yellow.

BFFs: Uhh... I’m pretty shy so I don’t have many friends, Felica is pretty cool and I have a bit of a crush on Phantasmagoria.

Favorite Food: Green Jello.  No species related reason, I just really like it. 


Name: Marsha Tian

Monster Parent: The Martians.

Age: Physically I am equivalent to a human in her late teens.

Killer Style: On Mars we have evolved beyond the petty need for clothing.  Here I may be forced to get dressed in the morning, but I have no "style."  You might see me in a hasmat suit around cold season though.

Freaky Flaw: My immune system is unaccustomed to your germs.

Pet: None.

Favorite Activity: Star gazing, pretending I’m not here, swimming.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Gravity, you have too much of it here.

Favorite School Subject:  Mathematics and astronomy.  Things that are a constant through out the universe.

Least Favorite Subject: History of The Undead, History of The Living, Social Studies, Home Ick, Sex Ed (we bud on Mars.)

Favorite color: Grey.

BFFs: Seymour Griffin (alright for a human.), Jake S. Heels (has gone native, shame.), and Fleeta Woods (I have no complaints about her.)

Favorite Food: You don’t have it here.  (I hear good things about human blood though.)




Name: Pheobe Phobias.

Monster Parent: Fear Himself.

Age: I’m ageless.   

Killer Style: Dark and spooky.

Freaky Flaw: I have a bad habit of scaring others to death, you know, if I want.  Otherwise people just find me a disquieting and generally creepy presence. 

Pet: Animals don’t like me.  No one likes me, except at Halloween.   

Favorite Activity: Terrifying the general populace. However I can.

Biggest Pet Peeve: People who say they aren’t scared of anything.  You are, and I’ll figure it out.

Favorite School Subject: Psychology.

Least Favorite Subject: Geogrephy.  

Favorite color: Black.

BFFs: None.  Did you miss the part where people don’t like me.

Favorite Food: I feed on others fear.









Name: My students know me only as Mr. S.

Age: Is inconsequential    

Killer Style: My true form is nothing more then shifting darkness and writing shadows, work requires something more, bipedal.  I choose to dress elegantly, long coat and cravat, all in the deepest black.

Freaky Flaw: I smile all the time; my students find this a touch unnerving.

Pet: Oh no, no room under the bed.

Favorite Activity: Skulking in corners with a good book.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Bright lights and noisy children.

Subject:  Dead Languages

Favorite color: Black, violet, or grey.

BFFs: None. 

Favorite Food: Tea, perhaps with a side of cookies or human flesh.



Name: Ms. Cynthia Grimes. 

Age: That's very personal information.

Killer Style: Antiquated but classy, ruffled blouses and velvet jackets, long black skirts or tailored trousers.  And hats, I adore hats.  I have a genuine beaver pelt top hat I’m very fond of. 

Freaky Flaw: I may or may not be slightly radioactive.  And a touch vain.

Pet: I have four kittens.  Mitsy, boots, fluffems and snuggles…Those names are terrible aren’t they?

Favorite Activity:  Relaxing with a good book and a strong brew, spending time in my laboratory, or target practice with my antique pistols I’m very fond of weaponry. 

Biggest Pet Peeve: People who assume I am going to be slow, stupid, or ineloquent.  I think I’ve demonstrated that I am not. 

Subject: While I’m suited to teach a number of classes, science, and medicine being two of them, however I am currently teaching etiquette.

Favorite color: Black and off white.

BFFs Mr. S prove delightful company.  A touch unnerving at times, but absolutely charming. 

Favorite Food: Oh that’s easy.  Really good tea.


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*nods* I see.

Wait.. what's The Fallout campaign? *clueless*


The Fallout RPG my friend is running once we finish up all the other things and they get the system out of Beta.  Basically it's like dungeons and dragons with more d100's.  Cynthia is my character for it, but since I've got a while to wait and Mr. S already migrated here until he has a plot I figured I'd do the same with her.  


Naturally the first thing she does is buy kittens.  Loads of Kittens.  

*nods again*

Kittens are awesome. And cute. Especially zombie kittens.

Well Cynthia assures me they are all very very alive.  And is in fact horrified you would make such a suggestion.
I think Cynthia is a bit of a prick.
iEatIdiots said:

*nods again*

Kittens are awesome. And cute. Especially zombie kittens.


Yeah, most people would be. All kinds of kittens are cute, even the ones that are alive, I just prefer zombie kittens because they make a good army.

Nosferina said:

Well Cynthia assures me they are all very very alive.  And is in fact horrified you would make such a suggestion.
I think Cynthia is a bit of a prick.
iEatIdiots said:

*nods again*

Kittens are awesome. And cute. Especially zombie kittens.

Oh no, the cat lady vibe was quite intentional.  

Miss Breanna Beetlejuice said:

Crazy Cat Lady!


JK...I just found that funny with her and the cats.

What they said!

♫♪♫ Daphne Jones ♫♪♫ said:

Hazur for crazy cat lady!

Nosferina said:

Oh no, the cat lady vibe was quite intentional.  

Miss Breanna Beetlejuice said:

Crazy Cat Lady!


JK...I just found that funny with her and the cats.

Yeah! And we're kinda spamming this thread about the awesomeness of cats.

Miss Breanna Beetlejuice said:

Huzzah for cats! And being crazy!

iEatIdiots said:

What they said!

♫♪♫ Daphne Jones ♫♪♫ said:

Hazur for crazy cat lady!

Nosferina said:

Oh no, the cat lady vibe was quite intentional.  

Miss Breanna Beetlejuice said:

Crazy Cat Lady!


JK...I just found that funny with her and the cats.


I'm more then happy to have spam.  Keeps me at the top of the forums.  Honestly thought I'm glad you guys like her and really happy for any feedback, even if it's mostly related to cats.

Heh, that's good.

Although, I have to admit I like her name. But that's mainly because she shares the same first name as the moderator on NaNoYWP.


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