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I'm new to collecting EAH dolls so I don't know if this is common knowledge now but I recently bought the Dragon Games Poppy O'Hair and when I got it home and opened it, I found out it was missing its stand. I emailed Mattel and they were really nice about it but the rep told me they weren't going to include stands or hairbrushes with the dolls anymore! Has anyone else heard about this? Also with the MH reboot, are they ditching stands too?

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It's rather sad, but I'm not surprised.  With the new Monster High reboot, and the new cheaper looks I've seen on EAH dolls, it seems Mattel wants people, namely little kids, to play, and not collect.

My Dragon Games Poppy came with a stand and a brush. I have the picture to prove it. I think maybe the rep didn't quite know what they were talking about?

Over all I can see it happening. Monster High ditched stands a while ago and the new super cheap EAH dolls are the same way.

The way the rep made it sound was that my doll lacking a stand and brush was a mistake but it was because Mattel is phasing those items out. I guess the factory that made my doll jumped the gun. It's a real bummer because it makes no sense. The brushes and stands cost next to nothing to produce and why wouldn't a kid want a brush? Lots of kids use those lame brushes.

Yours might be a later release?  Like maybe the first wave or two got brushes and stands?  

As for brushes, I guess with some many people buying Monster High and Ever After High, and many of the main ones coming with a brush, you wind up with this huge bag of brushes you can't give away.  I know at one point just from buying loose lots I wound up with a large zipper bag full.  People complained about the brushes, even listing them here for 10 cents each wouldn't move them.


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