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I've got my hands on a Spectra and an Abbey who really need cleaned.  Spectra's clear hands are yellow while she's got clear feat.  Abbey's white clothes look dingy and nicotine stained as well.  How in the world do you remove these kind of stains on a doll?  I've even tried using bleach on Spectra's hands and arms.  Unfortunately, the stain is still there.  So, is there any way to clean these or am I just going to have to go find two more basics that aren't stained?

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I've considered that as well.  I was just wondering if there was a way to do it so I could keep the original hands, I'm pretty sure I can wash Abbey's clothes clean.  My main concern was Spectra's white to translucent yellow hands.

maybe a denture cleaner?  or a whitening toothpaste?  good luck

If it's just the arms, you can get replacement parts on the mattel service website. I think arms are about $4 with hands.

Thank you Angelarcher.  I will look into that.  The Spectra's legs and feet look fine.  Its just the arms for some reason.


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