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So basically what you have to do is make up crazy nicknames for people on the site and make up a nickname for yourself! 
Like this: Wonderland ghoul's nickname is Banana berry!
               My nickname is Po!
They are just examples, plus, it would be pretty embarrassing for your nickname to be Po! You can nickname anybody on this site, but no meanys please! |:< (serious face! XD)
Any ways...on a high note...I like the nicknames! Or was it...bye!!

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Zim's nickname is: Zim and Donnie sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Mine is: Emmy Bear

My nickname for MissVenus5000 is: Rainbow Slinky (in all the pictures I've seen her post had a rainbow slinky in it)

My nickname is: Blondie-locks (my uncle calls me this sooooooooooo yeah)

Sarah Luvs MH's nickname is: Internet buddy
My nickname is: Princess McAwesomness Pineapple cake


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