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Hello! I have a NIB 2nd wave Spectra I picked up that needs to find a good home. I'm willing to buy or trade for it. The box has a little wear from moving, but otherwise it's been kept in really good condition. I'm open for offers for buying it. For trade, I really like EAH, so I'm looking for any of the new dolls/sets:

Thronecoming (including playset)

Legacy Day (Wave 2)

Hat Tastic Party (including playset)

Dexter Charming

Cerise Wolf (for anyone going to SDCC and willing to pick up a second for me)

Please PM me with offers, I'm open and reasonable, and would like to see her go to a good home. :)

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The only MH I'm looking at right now is the 5-pack dance class.

dallas johnson said:

Hi I'm very interested in your spectra however do you have a list of monster high dolls you would be interested in because i do not collect eah dolls. pm me thanks

That's why I didn't list it as an option up front. Sorry. :(

dallas johnson said:

Oh sorry can't help you. Even if I could I don't think that would be a fair trade.

Updating my wishlist, and I really would like to see her go to a good home. I am open to sell her as well. 


Thronecoming playset

Hattastic Playset, Cedar, Apple, or Briar (not Cerise)

Legacy Day (Wave 2)


Art Class: Robecca and Abbey

Dance Class Rochelle (from 5-pack)

Gill from either Dance Class or Mansters 2-pack (preferably with all accessories)

New Scaremester: Invisibilly, Gigi, and Catty Noir (also interested in original Catty)

Hoping someone's still looking for her. 


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