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I have been buying dolls to put away since summer and it seems the wish lists of both of my darling daughters have changed :/  So, instead of backtracking to multiple stores, I thought I would post here and see if anyone is looking to BUY or TRADE for these :0)  I have feedback here, and also on ebay.  Not sure if I'm allowed to post my ebay link here, so please message me if you would like me to send it to you.  Please only offer a trade if you have good, established feedback source(s).  With it being so close to Christmas, I can't afford a risky trade.  Also, please don't hesitate to ask if I have a particular doll on the shelves at my local chain stores as I am ALWAYS looking and I never mind helping a fellow MH junky ;0)  Let me know if you have trouble viewing pics or would like additional pics.  


Here is what I have to offer:  *Prices do not include shipping.  Will need your location/zip.

Jinafire Long   $20  

13 Wishes Clawdeen each $20 (one is SOLD)

13 Wishes Howleen   $20 -- SOLD

Home Ick Heath Burns/Abbey  $30 each (one set TRADED)

13 Wishes Abbey  $20

13 Wishes Gigi  $30  TRADED

Another 13 Wishes Gigi  $30

I <3 Fashion Scarah  $30-- SOLD

Venus Swim w/green eye shadow  $15--SOLD

Rochelle Swim $15--SOLD

Roller Maze Clawdeen  $20

Day at Maul Draculaura  $25

Dance Class Robecca  $10  SOLD

PG Toralei -- TRADED

DT Spectra $20

Elissabat -- will only trade for Holt SC, Viperine, or Slo Mo -- TRADED

ANOTHER PG Toralei in hand! -- would prefer a trade offer for her -- ON HOLD for Hush


Here is my NEED list:

Sweet Screams Frankie*

Picnic Casket Frankie/Jackson (need 2)* 

Hauntlywood Viperine (need 2)*

Frights, Camera, Action Lagoona and Operetta

Slo Moe (need 2)* 

Vamp Boy/Gargoyle CAM

Ghoulia w/scooter

These do not have to be NIB

Classroom Frankie WITH locker 

GB Ghoulia

Roadster Draculaura (doll only)

SS Clawdeen

DDG Ghoulia

W2 Frankie

DOTD Ghoulia

DOTD Draculaura

DOTD Deuce

Fashion sets:

Comic Book Ghoulia

Spectra set 3


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