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Update for new pics: I have a lot more items I need to take pics of but my camera died so i will add pics tonight or tomorrow of the following: NIB Lagoona hydration station, loose Lagoona's hydration station (no accessories), clawdeen's bed, part of frankie's bed, draculaura's car and two holts (one complete, the other missing some items and an arm), Loose werecat fearsquad dolls, NIB Gloom beach clawdeen, NIB gloom beach frankie and a few more items. 


I am downsizing my collection and focusing on getting NIB first wave dolls. So far I have collected all but Holt, Ghoulia and the ever elusive Gil. I will also trade for a NIB forbitten love set. I prefer to sell but will trade for only the before mentioned dolls. I will trade with members who have positive feedback in trades. If you do not have feedback, I may ask you to ship first. I have items listed on craigslist. Prices do not include shipping.

Here are the links:


I prefer paypal. I cannot hold dolls as I am looking to sell them within a certain time frame. So the first person able to pay will get the doll. If you are ready to buy, FR/PR me with the dolls and I will send you your total with my paypal address. You can send as a gift or add 4.8% for paypal fees. All money in US currency please. Thanks

UPDATE: I am looking to complete some of my DT dolls. I need DT Frankie slippers and DT cleo's mask, purse and arm sleeve. Cards would be a bonus. I have W1 clawdeen's unclawed hand and a few other items I will list.


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Yes. I just updated the links on Craigslist so they should be working. Thanks

I am interested in a lot of your dolls do I send message here or to email?

Can I get a Holt, W1 Frankie, W1 Lagoona, W1 Clawdeen, W1 Ghoulia, 

You can send a friend request and then private message me. Thanks

XannahBeatnick said:

I am interested in a lot of your dolls do I send message here or to email?

Sent you a friend request.


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