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Hello All,

My Guy who helps me collect all my MH goodies checked the Mcdonald's web site for Happy Meals. They have just started the Minion  toys with meals. (about 12 there) so in about 4-6 weeks they are going to start with these new Monster High Toys. I like the looks of them so far.

Happy Monday & Week to One and All,


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ooo yay more happy meal toys i hope i can get them all again lol.

The styling head looks really cute i wonder if she uses a real draculaura head or a new mold just for this.

Happy Mon ThriftyDolly,

Ohhh I so agree..My Guy shook his head at my squeal of "I have to have them alllllllllllllllll." LOL. That is the only photo I can find so far but if more turn up I will add them to this thread. I thought the head looked like a real Draculaura but from the photo it is hard to tell. They do look cute. I wonder if this means no MH Boo Buckets for the kids meal in Oct ?

Have a Great week,


Thrifty Dolly,

From what I saw it is a doll head with real hair and stickers to put her "face" on.

Happy weekend :)



Just to let you all know that Mcdonald's started selling the adorable MH toys with their Happy Meals on July 31. Toy #1 is a decorated box holding a Clawdeen paper doll -type with clothes. These are all just great.

Happy Weekend,


gimme gimme!

Hello Queen Heny,

I agree :) That is exactly what I said when I heard the new toys were coming and before Halloween too :)

They are sooo cute.

Happy Shopping weekend,


We went tonight, got a Littlest Pet Shop and a Flutterby.  My mom said she'll take them back and exchange them later.

Hello Konzem,

Sorry to hear you were given the Lit Pet shop/flutterby. The last toy they had were the Minions one so am surprised they did not offer you those with the kids meals. Mcdonald's is usually very good about taking back unopened toys in trade. 

Good Luck,


Happy Wed,

I've been to 3 different Mcdonald's and the MH toys are moving slowly. All 3 locations had # 1 & # 2 toys. (Toy # 2 is a box and inside you make a MH bracelet.)

Hugs & Happy Shopping,


Happy Thurs,

Bumping up as another member posted about this same topic but did not see the photo so bumping up so she can see it :)



so far I've gotten the first six toys I'm going to try again on friday for the last two.


YOU my friend are my idol !! 6 out of  8 already ? That is awesome. So far, I am still on just the first 2 toys..I will go out Sun and see if I can find more. 

Happy Sun Hugs & Thanks for sharing the great news,



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