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I found this on the offical monster high facebook page a few minutes ago:

CAPTURED: Confidential note from Headmistress Bloodgood to Facilities found today! Lurks like the new student bodies will be here Friday. Prep the lockers, they’re coming…

Head mistress Bloodgood said 2  new coffin lockers, for abbey and spectra, it looks like jackson jekyll and holt hyde won't be at MH for friday the 13th? what do you think about this?




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that sucks weve been waiting forever for Jackson/holt. Plus why would they put jackson in the fearbook if he wont be there? :(
technically, Jackson is already part of the student body, which is why he doesn't need a new locker. I imagine they'll be adding him to the fearbook along with a student bio soon.
Yeah. I think it's a trick question. Also, Jackson HAS been part of the student body if we go by dolls and diaries.
Well I mean is he hasnt been added to the webisodes which is what I was reffering to, the perfect approtunity to add him in would have to be friday the 13th don"t you think?
And who's to say they don't? I mean, it happens at night, right? Holt's time. And it has been said that there are special Night Classes in Monster High. Maybe the girls go in and discover one of those. And when the sun comes up... hey, where's Holt gone? Ooh, look at the new guy over there!
OH!! BEST B-DAY PRESENT EVA!! (My birthday's the 10th)


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