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Hello from California!

First of all, excuse the dorky username.  It's the name I've used for 15 years on Sims game forums, and grabbed it for this forum because my mind went blank for a better one.  My real name is Marilyn and you can call me that or Mar.

I've only been collecting MH for 2 months.  I have 13 dolls so far (is that an unlucky number, or what!) But as soon as I get another payday, that will change of course.

I'm retired from a long career as a theatrical costumer.  But in the 80s I worked for Mattel Toys in the Barbie design department.  Man, was THAT an education!  It was fun but they are very "corporate" minded so it was always a fight between the creative design teams and "the suits".  XD

I did have fun though.  I worked with the designer who specialized in the smaller members of Barbie's family - Skipper, Kelly, Stacey etc.  Those were fun to work on.  It would be so cute if Mattel did some Monster High little brothers and sisters.

As for now, I try to do sewing for my dolls, including my small collection of BJDs, and am also starting to build room boxes for MH.  I don't have much space to display them, so I don't know what I'm getting myself into, but I'm having fun.

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Welcome! :)

Hello Mar, YOU sound amazing!!!!!!! So glad you have found this site! Your experience is very envied. ;) 13 dolls is a great start to an amazing/growing (I am sure) collection. MH dolls are very addicting! I received quite a few today, for Christmas, and can not wait to get them on display!

I (along with my DH) are 80s toys fanatics.....and our collections grow side by side... our children have broadened our collecting habits as well. lol. (my daughters are VERY much wanting little little sisters to the MH dolls, so we have "adopted" quite a few Kelly dolls to their collection for that purpose.....with some minor custom changes)

Welcome to MH dolls, I hope you hang around! =)

Thanks for the great welcome, MonsterHighMommy.  I look forward to getting to know people, make some friends and learn all I can about the hobby.


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