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Hey all!
28 year old dude here who can't get enough of these wonderful and unique dolls!!
I started collecting around the release of Scaric dolls and instantly fell in love with Skelita hence the male take on her name for my username here.

I now own about 30 dolls now and can't get enough of them!

I also said I wouldn't be sucked into Ever After High but after having a friend of mine get me a SDCC exclusive Raven Queen.....yup she will be the start of the collecting of Ever after High dolls to go along with Monster High!

Please feel free to ask any questions if ya like!

Thank you!

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Hello! welcome to MHdolls!!!!!!

Thank you!

Hey welcome it's great to have another dude on here and I'm only a year younger than you, glad you like Skelita she is beautiful and your name is cute :)

Hey there! Sweet that we are close in age and enjoy the same thing!
Yup Skelita is def my fav and wish she wouldn't get the shaft as much as she does and in comparison to the amount of dolls her introductory counter part (jina) has gotten.

Feel free to PM me sometime and we can chat about MH and other thing too if ya like! :-)

Hey again! yeah that's really awesome!

I know right Skelita has gotten about 4 dolls right? and Jin has got about 6 I think plus Skelita is mostly in budget lines yet most Jin dolls are deluxe.

I will that will be awesome :-)

Welcome to the forum. The dolls are a blast to collect. I am a big Ghoulia fan. Hit me up if you want to chat or need anything.
Thank you!
Ghoulia is def an underrated ghoul that's for sure and she's adorbs!
Yes she is I'm just glad she has had at least two dolls this year.


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