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Found this in a post on Tumblr. It seems Mattel has been doing some last minute Christmas shopping and bought a load of new trademarks.

Ghoul's Night Out:

Colour Me Creepy:

Catty Noir:

Haunt the Casbah:


Let's wildly speculate!

Ghoul's Night Out sounds like a line for smart casual/dance outfits (Another Dawn of the Dance type theme?)

Haunt the Casbah (Casbah is Arabic for fortress) must be connected to the 13 Wishes movie, so maybe Middle Eastern styled outfits and the Genie character, if there is one.

Catty Noir sounds like a title of an webisode (or a detective novel) but could this mean a new doll for Toralei?

Colour me Creepy sounds like it's related to art. Maybe a colouring book or art based toy/game for the younger fans?

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I think there's a good possibility that Catty Noir is Toralei's Power Ghouls character. She could be wearing like a Catwoman jumpsuit and stuff! But either way, I wouldn't mind another Werecat. Cats are my favourite kind of animal! And I've been waiting for a black cat :)

Here now shows that Toralei is Cat Tastrophe. Also, Frankie does have a Power Ghouls doll! YAAAAAY!


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