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So according to a post on Tumblr and the MH wiki, Mattel have tradmarked something called Frights, Camera, Action, which might be the title of the next movie special and doll line after 13 Wishes.,_Camera,_Action!

It sounds like the typical "Oh look, they're filming a movie nearby, let's blag ourselves some roles and mingle with the stars!" story every girl's cartoon is required to have. (Both Barbie and Bratz have done it.) But given that the main ghouls are based on the classic movie monsters, this could be a really interesting take on the idea. Maybe the ghouls sign on to the movie thinking they'll be famous, only to discover they're the monsters in a bad movie for normies. Or it could be the other way round and it's a movie where the human's are the monsters and monsters are the heroes.. Plus, the potential for new monster characters based on famous actors is tremendous.

I'm really eager to see what they're going to do with this one.

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This sounds awesome and I totally agree that the ghouls being based on classic movie monsters can give a very interesting twist on the whole thing. Hopefully they do put a spin on it because it really has been done way too many times lol. It could be that they make their own movie as well now that I think of it. Based on the movie as well we could get a really awesome line that they couldnt normally do because it wouldnt make sense with the story, like an old renaissance kind of thing or some sort of Indiana Jones-ish adventure theme.

The possibilities are endless!!! :D

Thats what I was thinking as well, and this would make sense. Cleo has the money to back it and totally fits the stereo-typical demanding director role, Clawdeen could design the costumes, Ghoulia could handle lighting, special effects ect. It would be interesting to see :)

Well now that I think about it I dont think she would be able to let some one else be the lead actress either, Cleo likes the spotlight too much XD

Triumvirate said:

I guess I'd like it more if rather than doing a Hollywood movie studio type thing the ghouls were making their own movie and like one was the director, one of the ghouls and one of the mansters would maybe be the romantic leads, Cleo could be the controlling producer or something. I don't know. My point is that I hope this doesn't end up being cliche. 

I can't wait to see what they do. Very weird thought but maybe a new Catreine? Because Catrine DeMew=Cathrine Denueve or Catty Noir, maybe.

I think it was actually confirmed that Catty Noir is going to be a new black cat character. :)

Nyan Forever said:

I can't wait to see what they do. Very weird thought but maybe a new Catreine? Because Catrine DeMew=Cathrine Denueve or Catty Noir, maybe.
Oh. I just thought that because Catty Noir just sounds like a movie character to me. :)
Sounds interesting , I wonder if it'll be something similar to MGA's Hollywood Bratz theme.

The voice actress for Robecca and Venus, Julie Kliewer, posted this on her facebook page on Tuesday: "Just worked on the next Monster High movie!! It's a great new adventure for Robecca and Draculara!!!!"

It could be "Frights, Camera, Action!" :)

Honestly it has merrit, not really with Catrine but the Catty Noir black werecat could have something to do with this trademark as the famous poster the name is referencing was an advertisement for a 19th century entertainment house from what I've read. Both have to do with theater so you could be right :)

Nyan Forever said:

Oh. I just thought that because Catty Noir just sounds like a movie character to me. :)

wonder if it will be a student film

I think this could be really fun, especially if they have the characters making an old-fashioned monster movie in the same vein of where their "heritage" lies. I would love to see them all in outifts from the 30's through to the 50's, with matching hairstyles. Draculaura and Frankie could be the 30's ( Dracula and Frankenstein), Clawdeen the 40's ( The Wolfman), Lagoona with the 50's ( at least I think "Creature form the Black Lagoon" was the the fifties). It probably wouldn't be done, but a girl can hope. After all, I got into these dolls because of the the classic movie monster background they have. I love those old films!

I think that maybe this could be a reality tv show like the amazing race and stuff like that(hunger games kind of stuff)and they all compete against each other :) I like this idea but I'm sure I'm way off from what it could be

I'd personally love for it to go this route and possible introduce a character (either an entirely new one or a current one) that has an interest towards film making. It could be yet another career that one of the characters have looked into. I'd much rather it be a student film than one with actual "celebrities" and such. :\

Brian Sheppard said:

wonder if it will be a student film


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