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We took another trip to Toys R Us and all the MH dolls are gone except for some vinyl figures..the prices even at 40-60 % still seem higher then other regular stores. I will keep going back until the final days..sad though it is..I am grateful we had TRU for as long as we did.

Happy Tues Shopping Hugs,


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PS: Almost forgot to mention..I went to the library today and came home with a new book ( 2017) "The Legend of Shadow High" where characters from Monster High & Ever After High come together to meet & defeat a plot by the Evil Queen. (Raven's Mom ) Both sets of students are surprised at the existence of the other :) 

Thank you for the TRU's pictures. It is nice to have a last view of the shop. All of ours in the UK are gone. I can't find out what's happening with TRU's France. The web site is still active and normal (good sign!) and believe it or not, they have MH dolls in stock! lol

I hope the shops in France will not close down, it would be great,

Dear Tula,

Happy Thurs. I am glad you liked the photos. I need to get to the other TRU and photograph it before it vanishes for good. I hope France can hold onto their TRU. How awesome they have dolls in stock.



The empty Mh section is so sad and literally breaks my ❤️

People bought them all. They are the most popular!

Dear Dynastic,

Hello..I felt the same way when I saw the aisle but then I realized the dolls had been bought for little girls or boys or collectors and have their forever homes :) The store seems to have moved all the dolls into one aisle..Barbie's aisle is nearly empty too. 

Happy Shopping Hugs,



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