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We took another trip to Toys R Us and all the MH dolls are gone except for some vinyl figures..the prices even at 40-60 % still seem higher then other regular stores. I will keep going back until the final days..sad though it is..I am grateful we had TRU for as long as we did.

Happy Tues Shopping Hugs,


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PS: Almost forgot to mention..I went to the library today and came home with a new book ( 2017) "The Legend of Shadow High" where characters from Monster High & Ever After High come together to meet & defeat a plot by the Evil Queen. (Raven's Mom ) Both sets of students are surprised at the existence of the other :) 

Thank you for the TRU's pictures. It is nice to have a last view of the shop. All of ours in the UK are gone. I can't find out what's happening with TRU's France. The web site is still active and normal (good sign!) and believe it or not, they have MH dolls in stock! lol

I hope the shops in France will not close down, it would be great,

Dear Tula,

Happy Thurs. I am glad you liked the photos. I need to get to the other TRU and photograph it before it vanishes for good. I hope France can hold onto their TRU. How awesome they have dolls in stock.



People bought them all. They are the most popular!

Dear Dynastic,

Hello..I felt the same way when I saw the aisle but then I realized the dolls had been bought for little girls or boys or collectors and have their forever homes :) The store seems to have moved all the dolls into one aisle..Barbie's aisle is nearly empty too. 

Happy Shopping Hugs,



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