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Hello, I'm Schisty, and I've just recently joined the forums.

Doing the polite thing of introducing myself. I've only been collecting MH for a couple of years, but I think I have 40 dolls now. My most recent purchases included 2 of the Ghost series (River Styxx, and Vindala), Headmistress Bloodgood, and Amanita (who's last name I cannot remember).

I'm approaching my 41st birthday, and doll collecting is a new hobby. I also collect action figures (Marvel, almost exclusively, and some Pacific Rim), rocks, books, and I used to collect MLP.

My 'day job' is writer, and my in progress work involves fan fiction. 

I am married, but no kids, so all the toys are mine :3 But there's 4 cats, who like to make things interesting by climbing up to where all the dolls/figures are and knocking stuff over.

Anyway, feel free to ask questions, I'll do my best with answers.

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Hello! Introductions are never the easiest....However, I am very glad to meet you!

You will fit in easily here. I am an adult collector, however one of my daughters is the "reason/excuse" I used to start collecting MH. (I still collect you have any remaining?)

I am so sorry this took me forever to get back to. Chronic health issues are not what I signed up for in life! (But it is what I deal with)

Thank you for the welcome! I wish I could say I had my old G1s, but I do not (circumstances around a bad breakup made it I retrieved very little when we broke up *sigh*). I have re-collected a few of my faves from that era, and have gotten others I like as well. I think the G1 count is less than 20. I have mostly G3, and that average is roughly 100, not including the 'minis' (like the mer-ponies that came out in 2010, I think? I can't remember).

I think I've never gotten many queries about whether my toy purchases were for a child in my life (mine, or nieces/nephews), but I've had a few. Can't recall the response back when I say "Nope, for me!" 

Time to go poke around the rest of the forum.

Life has its way of........ "getting in the way"....

hope you are feeling better! I completely understand.

See you around!


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