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Hi! I'll admit that I've only got into the MH scene for the customization of the dolls (redoing makeup, making wigs &clothes).

Regardless, I've recently bought a Lagoonafire doll (love the freaky fushions), removed her hair, & now trying to remove her factory paint makeup. (I also bought some loose hair yo make into a wig for her)

I hope to find advice & support here for my projects as I'm new to customisation.

Oh also: I'm 23, live in Isle of Man, illustrator, & often sickly so may be spotty on my presence.

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Hello, Yonderly.Hither,

Welcome to Monster High Dolls!  :) 

I love the idea of creating custom dolls, although I have never done so myself. What are your ideas, with regards to the Lagoonafire doll? 

You're from the Isle of Man? Holy cow! I have Manx ancestry....on my mother's side.  :)

Well, I hope that you love it here!  :)

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The Whispering Wolf

Thank you for the warm welcome!
Hi to that ancestry, what are the chances! I'm not manx biologically but lived my most my life here.

For my lagoonafire I'm thinking a English water-based mythical creature, she is going to have blue/green long hair, pale yellow blank eyes & some scale freckles. For clothing I'm thinking empire-line dresses & white/off-white baggy clothing. She's going to be named Nimue because I love mythology.

Hello, Yonderly.Hither,

I can see what you mean by looking at the avatar, and I think that she's going to look good. She appears to have a heavily-lidded look to her eyes, which makes her look sweet and unique. I like all of your ideas for Lagoonafire! I think that the lip color that appears in the avatar will look good with her body, hair, and eye colors.

I like the idea of Empire waist dresses, because they're modest, but romantic, and they're reminiscent of the "Romeo and Juliet" Era. Ironically, I am actually most comfortable in baggy clothing, so I love that idea, too.  :)

The name "Nimue" will forever remind me of the musical "Camelot", because Nimue's song is one of my favorites from the "Camelot" soundtrack; she sings her song in order to lure Merlin into the woods.

Well, I wish you luck, with regards to the project! Whenever you're able to share final look pictures of her, I'll be eager to see them, because I'll bet that Nimue will look amazing!  :)

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The Whispering Wolf / "Wolfie"


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