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Okay so i was at kmart and they had abbey basic 2 lagoona and ula d's car they also had the new fashion packs and all cams and add on packs im from parkersburgh wv and my walmart had toralei and my tru had had all sweet 1600 dolls

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Abbey basic at Kmart?! Oh my gosh, I gotta find a Kmart!!!!

In which state did you find the dolls and the fashion packs?

cool...Kmarts near me are wiped out and are waiting on new stock (pretty much like everyone else here)

Last night my local KMART (Taylor Michigan) had about 9 Sweet 1600 dolls ( Draculaura and Clawdeen) , 4 Skull Shores Ghoulias and all the new Fashion Packs. Other than that they were empty. 

lynn i said i live in parkersburgh West Virginia and that is where i saw them miss ghoulnight they also had spectra and by reading what you put with your pics i know you want her

Okay thanks for suppling your state, as I must have missed that :) Cannot believe that K-Mart is now getting a lot of the more desirable dolls! This is great for those who are having trouble still being able to find Abbey, Spectra, the Fashion Packs, Sweet 1600, and Skull Shores.

The last time I went to Kmart the only new things they had were SS Abbeys, Gil and Ghoulia. I'll have to hit up my Kmart next time I go to my Walmart supercenter.

disco voodoo dolly they also have a lot of the first wave witch are really rare kmart has most of all the little other things monster high has like plushieskeychain etc hope this helps 


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